Chapter 2 - Go Your Own Way

We're back and ready for another chapter of Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis. Sorry for the wait, a combination of the holiday season, my CPU breaking, and getting back into the swing of things has really slowed progress.

Quick Story Summary
Our heroes train up a bit, then rescue a fairy who is looking for her sister. After that, they battle some nasties at a lake, where DrTasty<3 finds out that the lady, who saved him and forced him to go with her, Cybil, is basically a murder-spy of the church of Lodis. Turns out they're looking for a mythical spear that can shoot lasers and is wielded by mermaids or something. They go to a nearby cape town to coerce the locals into getting them to mermaid HQ, but are ambushed by ninja!

After defeating the ninja (the plural of ninja is ninja!) Rictor appears with Orson and asks DrTasty<3 to rejoin him, promising power and responsibility at his side after he becomes the duke. DrTasty<3 declines, which pisses off Rictor and he storms off in a huff. In a shack during a storm, Cybil decides to give DrTasty<3 a lecture about decision making, then we are presented with a decision (no shit).The locals do not want to help us get to the mermaid place, but we're told capturing a mermaid will force it to call out to her kind and allows us to follow them back. Cybil likes this idea and offers it to DrTasty<3, which he is uncomfortable with since she added the caveat "and wound her". Nothing like some good ol' hostage taking.

We are given a choice, Cybil says we don't have any other options and says we should follow her orders. This is the first set of decisions that will change the course of the game, although slightly and not nearly as much as it does in LUCT. Basically each choice will determine how the story plays out and who we get as recruits later down the line after a particular story battle. It'll also affect the ending a tad. Remember, at this point we were involuntarily recruited by this spy of the church of lodis, who has only given us part of the story and expects us to just do what she says. She was right about the choices we make, but that's it. Right now Cybil wants to kidnap a mermaid, wound it, and force it to call out to its kind so we can follow them to their lair and get some mystery spear.

The choices are:

Choice A: DrTasty<3 is okay following Cybil's orders, he does let the current of destiny take him after all. It means says he's okay with getting his hands dirty to accomplish the task at hand and will likely work with her until the job is done. So they'll do the church's bidding and involve innocents to gain power; the traditional Lodis way.

Choice B: DrTasty<3 stands up for what he believes is the right thing and he won't take Cybil's crap. He's not willing to get his hands dirty for a shadowy organization that wants to do who knows what. He'll still try to find this mystery spear, but on his own terms, not some stranger's. He won't be working for the church and he won't be working with Cybil.

Please send me your vote in reply to this update.

The Army
We trained a bit and fought in some random battles to get us to the level 6/7 range. Most of the human units have gotten to their first class change, except Gage and Noah. The game is still a bit on the easy side, where we cream the enemy, but that's going to change pretty soon.


Cleric - Air - Lawful 
Goal Class - Priest
Kills: 0  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Book of Initiation
Achievements: Initiative

Somehow you managed to not get any kills while we were murdering our way up the leveling hill. At 6 you qualified to change to Cleric, so that's what I did. You were given a heal spell, but I forgot to equip you with mage gear. Anyway, at this point we have access to all the basic stuff and you have some options. What sort of equipment loadout do you want? Clerics' preferred weapon is the hammer, which is purely an offensive option. Staves will increase your magic power, so your heals and any offensive Virtue spells will be better. You also have the option of equipping armor or robes. Armor will give you more protection, but lower your speed. Robes will have less protection, but will increase your speed. Remember, in this game speed determines only how far you can move (teams take turns, it's an awful lot like WM:T). I believe some advanced robes down the line give some other magic based bonuses, but I'm not entirely sure. There's also shields, swords, bows, etc. You can equip up to 2 1-handed weapons, so if you wanted to do dual staves that would work (big magic increase).

Cleric - Earth - Neutral
Goal Class - Cleric (Possibly Lich)
Kills: 2  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: First Blood

Whoops, during the leveling cycle, I accidentally had you kill a couple of dudes. I'm pretty sure you're at 2 kills, but there's no UI element which displays this, so I have to go by the videos I record and my own faulty memory. Anyway, you're probably going to be a Lich if you don't change your mind, so no worries about kills, but if you want to switch classes to prepare for Lich, getting too many kills will prevent you from going back to cleric. Anyway, you qualified for Cleric so I switched you to it for now. You did some heals, but only for one battle. Think about what sorts of things you want your character to be able to do and how I should build you into it. Clerics have decent stat growth, but you might benefit from being a wizard for a time or a physical class if you want to do some melee (as a lich it's possible to tank since you'll have mega high defense). As for equipment, right now I think you have one or two staves and a robe, but let me know what sort of equipment you want too. We've got access to armor (higher def, but lower speed), robes (lower def, but higher speed and possibly magic bonuses), and all sorts of other equipment like staves, shields, swords, hammers, axes, bows, headbands. If you are having trouble deciding, just pick what sort of playstyle you want your character to use and I'll pick based on it.

Soldier - Earth - Lawful
Goal Class - Knight
Kills: 3  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Book of Initiation, Knight's Certificate, Self Preservation
Achievements: Vent

The first thing I did this chapter was get you your knight's certificate emblem, which is important for becoming a knight. During training I forgot to unequip your sword, so you were doing way more damage than you should have and messed up the flow. I know you wanted to vent your frustrations on your training partners, but you should never bring a sword to a fistfight. Killing Brad twice during this netted you the Self Preservation emblem, which gives you improved counterattacks. You also obtained the Book of Initiation emblem, allowing you to become a swordmaster if that ever tickles your fancy. In the last couple of battles you fought in, you didn't do a whole lot, but it's still early game. Still early enough for you to get into some sort of trouble. You are level 7, but not quite fit enough to be a knight (your strength is too low, but I'm feeding you and Brad some strength emblems to make up for this), which means you're still a lowly soldier. Not to worry, next update should get you to knight. Speaking of that, how do you want your knight to be equipped? They prefer swords and armor, but you can do whatever you want. We have access to swords, shields, armor, hammers, axes, bows, and all that stuff. If you go swords, you can wield a 1handed sword and shield or a 2handed sword. 2handed sword will give you the option to equip more accessories, but you'll have less defensive power. Think about it.

Fairy - Air - Chaotic
Goal Class - Blow Dudes
Kills: 1  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: Low damage assassin

If you ever want certain equipment, let me know. At the shop in wherever we started at, I bought you a plumed headband and a bowgun, because those both raise your agility and you need all the agility you can get. The bowgun does less damage than a greatbow, but it makes you move greater distances. We have access to lots of things like swords, shields, bows, axes, hammers, staves, etc. Aside from that, you managed to net  your first kill with your puny blowgun. It's both very difficult and highly likely to get kills with such low damage. You're narrowly outperforming the enemy fairies, which is good. I think I might start feeding you attribute increasing emblems to make you a beast, but we'll see. No abilities yet, those come after level 10. You're at 6 right now. Other than that, it's pretty amazing you've managed to be completely ignored by our opponents, which means you haven't been in nearly as much danger as I assumed. Keep at it, kiddo.

Octopus - Water - Neutral
Goal Class - Water guy
Kills: 0  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: None

By god I'm going to make this work, you're going to be a good combat octopus even if I have to gameshark the heavens down in order to do so. Well, you CAN equip accessories, which may be advantageous. The second battle this update was in a lake, which is amazing! Enemies were barely dealing over 10 damage to you, most of the time it was 8, 4, etc. When you hit them, it was actually mildly hard. No kills though. I forget if you got one last update, but it hardly matters. That was pretty much your magnum opus of combat effectiveness - although I'm pretty sure we're going to fight mermaids so there will probably be more water. When we get access to more accessories I'll let you know so you can pick some.

Cleric - Earth - Lawful
Goal Class - Priest
Kills: 0  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: None

You made it to level 6 without killing anyone, although you came close a few times! It's pretty difficult to level up in the field without killing people, so grats to you. Anyway, you qualified to become a cleric, so that's what happened. Right now I believe you have a heal spell, a stave or two and a robe. We have access to some equipment like swords, shields, bows, hammers, etc. Let me know what sorts of stuff you want. If you still desire to be best healer, then equipping two staves (increase magic power) and magic related stuff is probably your best bet. Currently your heals are just under brian's, so we better get that INT stat up very soon!

Ghost - Bane
Goal Class - Ghost Dad
Kills: 3  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: None

Yay bane spells. The shop had nightmare, so I gave you that and an additional staff to replace that shortbow. Now you're a magical ghost. Want to know what's great about being a ghost? You can teleport, but also float! That makes you very good at moving to places easily to start casting your nightmare spell on mofos. So far you've put a few people to sleep with it, but they usually wake up next turn. Sometimes they don't, like that witch in the ninja battle. I've been wanting to have you as a forward tank, but the enemy usually ignores you. It's a shame, because I have yet to see any of the undead characters resurrect. Anyway, let me know what sort of equipment you'd like if you do not wish to do dual staves. We've got access to swords, hammers, axes, bows, shields, and other stuff.

Wizard - Air - Chaotic
Goal Class - Warlock
Kills: 1  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Knight's Certificate
Achievements: None

I decided to get you a Knight's Certificate just in case I need to switch you to knight for leveling up for any reason. You'll need the strength to do what warlock's are best at, I think? I forget how this works. We've got options here: do you want to be a better caster or a better fighter or rounded out? The way this works is that I'll make you certain classes in order to build that class's best attribute on you, so if you want strength you'll be a knight, if you want agility you'll spend time as a ninja, for INT you'd be a Wizard. Currently you qualified to be a Wizard so I made you into one. At level 6 your thunder spell was pretty good, considering it does more damage than anyone's melee attack and also has a pretty good range. Your INT is not high enough for it to hit more than 1 square, but that'll change soon. However, in order to become a Warlock you need the Pen and the Sword emblem, which requires you till kill 3 units with spells and 3 units with melee attacks. Let me know how you want me to build your character, if you're not sure then think of how you want the character to play and I'll figure out how to build that.

Dragon Zombie - Bane
Goal Class - Be Weird
Kills: 1  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: None

Turns out your poison fang actually poisons people. Rotten Breath gives POW DOWN, which reduces equipment strength of the target. Rotten Breath is extra good because it hits targets 100% of the time, I think. At level 6 you've finally gotten enough SP to use it! In battle, using you as a tank has not worked out as well as I'd hoped. The enemy has been ignoring our monster classes for some reason. Anyway, you did SOME tanking in the ninja battle, but not enough to put you into a bad spot. I got an accessory that makes the wearer very resistant to magic, so I think I might give that to you. I'm not sure if that'll cause the enemies to ignore you further, since the AI in these games tends to not waste their time on immunities.

Soldier - Fire - Lawful
Goal Class - Angel Knight
Kills: 3  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Book of Initiation, Knight's Certificate, Archangel's Feather
Achievements: First Blood, Training Accident

So the first logical thing to do was get you a knight's certificate, because Knights have decent strength and agility growth. On the way you got a Book of Initiation too, for dodging a few attacks in a row. During the training, Gage K,O.ed you because he had a sword and for some reason you can revive people during training, which happens to make the person eligible for an Archangel's Feather. That emblem is necessary for becoming an Angel Knight, so it all worked out. Good thing about training is that I'm not counting deaths in there toward your actual death count, since you don't technically die anyway. After our level up process, you became level 7, but still not STRong enough to be a knight. Too bad. Anyway, you got some kills, which I'm not sure if that's very angelic.... I'm feeding you STR up emblems to get you to meet the proper requirements without leveling. If the plan is still to make you a knight first, then we'll do that, but if you have some idea of how you want me to build  your character, let me know. Also what sort of equipment do you want? We've got access to the basics, like swords, shields, hammers, axes, bows, armor, and magic stuff.

Soldier - Air - Chaotic
Goal Class - Dragoon
Kills: 3  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Knight's Certificate, Book of Initiation
Achievements: Kitten Cage

I figured out how to cheat characters into different classes, so we're set for Female Dragoon, hopefully it doesn't fuck things up later on after the switch. As such, you'll need all the attributes you can get and building into a Dragoon as a female is unheard of, so it'll be interesting. I got you the Knight's Certificate and Book of Initiation, the first being a requirement for Knight and the second for swordmaster (a class I will not be changing you into.) At some point you qualified to be a ninja, so I made you a ninja (to mix things up). You also got 3 kills in a very fast timeframe, since you were absent last chapter. I forget if this was mostly during leveling or in story battles, but you're well on your way to a murder-themed achievement. Anyway, think about how you want your character to play and how you may want me to build it. Do you want to hit harder? Be more difficult to hit? Be better at magic? Also do you still want to be a ninja? I'm planning on making your character meet the requirements to be a Dragoon before she's changed, but there are a few ways we can go about getting there. Think about it. Also think about what sorts of gear you want.

Duke Knight - Water - Neutral
Kills: 2  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: None

Replaced my Slumber Mist spell with Ice Field, since a sleep spell is redundant with Nightmare and also has a low hit percentage. Duke Knight is predictably good.

?? - ?? - ??
Goal Class - ??
Kills: 0  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: Kitten Cage, Kitten Cage 2

Another update, another luxurious stay in the kitten cage. Get me that character info!

The Game So Far
Changes from Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
A new addition, here I'll talk about some things that are a little different from this game's predecessor. This chapter's topic is: Attributes.

In LUCT, every character has Health, MP, Physical Attack, Magical Attack, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Vitality, Mentality, Dexterity, Luck, and Weight. That's a lot of attributes that did a whole lot of things, but that was pared down in Knight of Lodis. Here, we do away with Vitality, Mentality, Dexterity, Luck, and Weight, leaving us with the three Primary Attributes Strength, Intelligence, and Agility, then the rest of the things I mentioned. The three primaries carry more weight in this game, but some attack formulas are a bit different and I don't understand them. The big difference is between Luck and Weight. 

Since KoL changes the turn sequence, individual character weight is different. In LUCT, a character's turn is determined by how fast they are in tandem with their weight; the higher the weight, the slower they are. Weight affected hit and evade chance to some degree. In KoL, turns are taken by team, so it changes weight to affect movement distance. Each character class has a base movement ability, equipment on them affects this - if you look at your character sheet, you'll see the movement ability and a number. Since it's a grid and characters move in increments of 1 square, the decimal place doesn't matter (i think it rounds down). So if a character has a 5.2 move ability, they will be able to move 5 squares. I think there's equipment that increases move ability, but I'm not sure. Personally I think this is just as interesting since equipment has to be considered for its weight and not just its attributes.

This was weird in LUCT, I'm still not sure what luck affected other than enemy item drops and criticals. I think some of that may be the case same here, but Luck is drastically different in KoL. Instead of a base attribute that can be increased or decreased by items, instead it is a natural part of a character's data, living in sequence with a Biorhythm mechanic. In short, a character has a personality/mood/luck type, which determines the structure of a sine graph for their biorhythm. Some characters have high highs and low lows, while others are more stable. This is actually a really complex mechanic and there's an entire FAQ dedicated to it, but I'm not going to go into details. In short, on a day to day basis, a character's biorhythm changes - they higher they are, the higher their luck; the lower they are, the lower their luck. I think luck may be heavier this time around. 

P Defense and M Defense replace Vitality and Mentality altogether, the defense formulas are a little more straight-forward this time as you can see. M Attack and P Attack are still affected by attributes, but not affected by DEX. In LUCT, DEX affected damage by a lot. It seemed redundant to me, but the game was very different. 

The first thing I did was train everyone to prep for the next battles. There are some changes from Tactics Ogre that affect us:
- There's an emblem for gaining 20 levels during training that disables critical hits from the character, meaning it's a shitty emblem to avoid at all costs. So now we have to train in random battles if we don't want this.
- Certain necessary emblems can be gained through training, so it'll mostly focus on that unless it risks the above factoid.
- Training is even slower due to mechanic and UI changes
- Characters must equip an indirect attack as an ability in order for one to be available in battle, no more chucking rocks for chip damage or easy xp.

Seems more like boxing than training to be knights, wizards, and priests

Training is still a necessity and the 20 levels emblem can be evaded if you only weave in a couple levels every once in a while. It's boring and I'd rather not do it, but what choice do I have? Anyway, Brad, Gage, Sagar, and Noah were the first to go in and punch each other in the face until they got their Knight's Certificates. I forgot to unequip Gage's sword, so he ended up killing Brad a couple of times, granting him a Self Preservation emblem (increased counter damage). For some reason defeated units in training count as dead for the session, so they can be revived, incidentally netting Brad an Archangel's Feather emblem and paving the way toward Angel Knight.

                                                                                 GOD DOESN'T WANT YOU                                      Nothing like dying in training and coming back with a piece of an angel...

Battle 1 - Save Glycinia
Deployed: Peter, Jon, Jeff, Lee, Kay, Brian, Dylan

Our first fight of this chapter is a rescue mission. Ugh, you know how these things go in these sorts of games. Fortunately the ally AI is more concerned with self-preservation than anything and the enemies are mostly weak fairies and gremlins. The biggest threats are the 3 griffons, but at this point they're more like nuisances than anything. I forgot about this battle entirely, so I assumed it was a regular random battle, but I treated it like that anyway. Even though we were all below the level of the enemies, we handled it pretty well. These low level battles are mostly brawls, everyone in our army got some good whacks in with sword or spell. One thing to note is that it is difficult to manage the kills with people in our group who should not get any.

Lee boring this Griffin to sleep with his magic                                  Kay's heals start as a soldier, giving items to random fairies.         Brian gains a level from smacking a bird, there are definitely no jokes in that.

Some massive damage from Peter, with a fantastic hit rate.           Jeff blowing a dude from behind a rock with his blowgun (crossblow)    Use your imagination to figure out what Jon's doing to that griffin

In the end, no one was even remotely in danger and we saved the fairy, Glycinia, who joins us to look for her sister.

I didn't do it for free....                                Okay, but I'm not.                                           Like be deployed into battle by me!!!        Sure, we'll be doing a lot of that.              Cool story, bro.

Battle 2 - Lake Ardea
Deployed: Jon, Jeff, Brian, Noah, Sagar, Lee, Gage

Well what do you know? A battle with a lot of water and very little solid terrain. This made for some difficult movement and positioning. Combined with the enemy's flying units, it would be a wild ride, but we have a couple of advantages. Jon is the perfect unit for this map, because he's an octopus, which is uninhibited by water and actually stronger in it. He's so strong in water that the enemy does very little damage to him and he does way more damage while in water.. Sagar was a ninja at the time and can walk on water. Lee happens to float on everything and is a spellcaster, so he's mostly unaffected by it. We also have Cybil as a guest so far, so she does whatever she wants, which is usually blasting fools with lightning. Other than that, it gets tricky with positioning, because any unit that does not have some sort of aquatic advantage is usually extra vulnerable in water and also weaker.

I tried my best to keep everyone on land, but it could not be helped sometimes. This was the first battle where enemies, specifically the Hawk Men with hammers, were doing significant amounts of damage, but we had that covered with Brian as active healer and DrTasty<3 as off-healer. Most of the battle was shuffling around on the little island next to our starting position, our melee units trading blows with the hawk men and griffons, while Noah hit them from a distance with his lightning spell. Jon took many hits with his extra defense and brought the hurt. Sagar used his water walking ability to give chase to distant enemies. Jeff blew dudes with his blowgun i mean bowgun. Gage spent the entire time stumbling around the map with his poor movement skills.

All in all, it was not a difficult battle, but it wasn't super easy. I'd call it mild.

Of course we're deploying Jon!  It's a freakin' lake.                              Pretty sure Basac is short for Ballsack. Give him a good time.                Sagar demonstrating ninja water sports and jesus skills

All day long it's just floatin' around casting nightmare on eagle men.    You got the boomerang! DUH DUH DUH-DUUUUUH                       Brian tossing out the heals like candy to unsuspecting people.

Jon shows that someone can hit big in the water.                         Octos are tough in the water. Look, Jon's celebrating the number 10!       That's a little overkill, Gage. That fairy is going to be a pool of stuff.

Battle 2 - Urodela
Deployed: Peter, Cameron, Dylan, Kay, Brad, Noah, Lee

In this battle, it's us versus a bunch of ninja and a witch. Some of these guys are carrying special equipment of some kind, namely the one ninja with a resist accessory and the main dude with his special katana. Our point tanks were Lee and Peter, which actually worked for a little bit. This was a good showcase of the ninja's strengths and weaknesses, their most effective attacks were melee, but they took a lot of damage from single strikes. Most of us held a line in the path near our starting point, while the ninja broke on us. I wanted that resist amulet from that one ninja, so I actually had to keep the leader alive with heals. Good thing i deployed 2 of them. Lee was able to keep the witch asleep for most of the battle, which prevented her from pelting us with slumber mist. Anything that went further down got a face full of air magic from noah, with Kay just behind him to keep him alive, which ended up being unnecessary. 

Tonight you get to see who lives in that house                                     Oh, really? Defeat the leader? I thought I was picking flowers.               Our mighty hero absolutely pulverizing that moron ninja.

Brad gives that ninja a little action from behind.                                  Oh how predictable. Nightmare again, Lee???                            Not only is it highly improbably to be able to deflect a crossbow bolt with a staff, but it's also a wizard doing it

Sleeping on the job, eh? I ought to demote you.                                 Kay, I know you like the snowflake, but we're in a fight right now!              You won a free Nintendo 360, Lee! Click here to accept it!

Since the resist amulet ninja was immune to spells, I had to have Brad and myself corner her so we could finish her off with melee attacks. The only real heavy damage came from the leader's katana strikes, so it was pretty easy for Kay and Cameron to top everyone off.

The Story So Far

After their first battle together, Cybil and DrTasty<3 stand together and talk about what's what. Seems she's with the Pope of the church of Lodis, under the secret Pope's Hand or Hand of the Pope or some such nonsense. She's been in this country for some time now and is searching for a special spear. It shoots lasers and is wielded by a mermaid or something!  DrTasty<3 tries to get some more information and to get her to open up a little, but she's being coy, just like EVERY OTHER FUCKING PERSON IN THIS GAME! Sheesh. You'd think these people would learn that if you keep a secret, some main character will come along and shove a metal stick in your face at some point. Although it seems DrTasty<3 is set on helping Cybil to repay his debt to her or something. Shiven comes along and tells them there are some dudes in a nearby town. They go there in hopes of coercing the public into giving them information.

Who is your daddy and what does he do?     She's got red hair and sings a lot.               A great start to a classic stoner movie         Yeah I'm sure they'll just go ahead and do that
They do bat mitzvahs now.                            Or what? You're gonna get killed by me?   Go right ahead and ask ME questions though...    Ugh, DrTasty<3, we talked about this...

At the place, they encounter a ninja and his ninja buddies, he has some stupid revenge story "blah blah blah you killed my dad, blah blah blah". He's out for vengeance, in his own hypocritical way. It hardly matters as we blast him and his dumb ninja buddies into oblivion.
There are ninja hanging out here!                Best strategy to deal with ninja: shout.        You'd think no one would know about a legendary laser rifle spear

Says the violent ninja                                   That and nutritional food.                            He made it pretty clear!      

 Rictor and Orvis show up and Rictor offers DrTasty<3 a place at his side when he becomes the duke. Turns out DrTasty<3 had no help at the fort he almost died at, because Rictor lead his men into a forest full of ghosts and zombies. DrTasty<3 immediately suspects Rictor is hiding something and demands to know, but he keeps going on tangents about "You're a big boy and you can be really cool as long as you just work for us and don't bother questioning things" or something. There's some chastising from Rictor to Cybil and her poophand (pope's hand) bros, but she's having none of it. No one gets anywhere and Rictor leaves, pissed off at DrTasty<3 for not being his butt-boy.

Welcome to the party, Rictor.                       Great job leaving me hanging, btw.              Holy man not prepared for the undead.       I like DrTasty<3 because he suspects.         Back where? To the zombie forest?????

HE'S BECOME SELF-AWARE!                      Who's gonna be lefty?                                No, I'm not having your children.                 MASSIVE. FUCKING. GAINS.                      HOLY SHIT, RICTOR GOT BURNED!!!!!!!

Aren't you a high priest or something???     You spy and murder....                                Usually spying isn't very overt.                    Ah, the ol' ask questions game.                  

She won't be able to answer you then.         As opposed to just lying about stuff openly.     He's a fucking choir boy, A CHOIR BOY!

In a shack, Cybil is attempting to have a nice conversation about her dumb quest for mermaids and the laser spear, but DrTasty<3 is sad about his ol' buddy, Rictor. She immediately lectures him about the choices he makes and how freedom requires responsibility, but she's a huge dick anyway, since all she wants is that spear and to give it to her holy boss. A dude comes in and says they can't sail because of the storms and basically they don't want to help; I guess mermaids aren't too friendly and they don't want to mess with that shit. He does mention to them that if you hold a mermaid hostage, the mermaid will call out to her kind and you can follow them to the lair. Cybil then tells DrTasty<3 he should help her do this, but also adds "and wound her" to the plan. DrTasty<3 is not happy about this and says he doesn't want to do that. Cybil thinks they have no alternative, so DrTasty<3 must make a choice now: help cybil or go his own way.

I heard she spits fire and has a tail.               Freedom isn't free, you know.                    Wha???????????????????????               Then just don't get in his way.                   Like in the form of a 2-option selection menu? 

Yeah, like alive baby or dead baby.               Turns out boats don't exist in the game.      What? Why the hell would we do that?       Yeah, stupid logic. What's next? MATH?!

Good tactic, it's not like there's an army of them.    I'm pretty sure he didn't say that.      Who DOESN'T want to hunt for treasure?!       Practical like maybe waiting until the oceans calm down????