Chapter 3 - Mermaider

Hello and welcome back, finally, to the playthrough of Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis. In this chapter, we explore what it's like to murder large amounts of dragons, mermaids, and octopi.

Quick Story Summary
Our vote was pretty heavily in favor of telling Cybil to fuck off, so that's what DrTasty<3 did. He promised to help her investigate the spear, but on his own terms. So we headed south and Orson joined us, at the behest of Richtor. He also encountered a mermaid on his way to mermaid town, but we had to fight her. We won, but she got away!

The Army


Soldier - Fire - Chaotic
Goal Class - Lich
Kills: 3  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: Kitten Cage, Kitten Cage 2, Mage Tank

Welcome to the most badass army in all of whatever this place is. Deployed you twice since you're new. Fire seems to be pretty good damage, even to things in the water. At this point in the game, it's still viable for a mage unit to be "tanky", which is what you ended up doing in Battle 2, stuck on an island with only Brian to keep you company-I mean heal you.

Cleric - Air - Lawful 
Goal Class - Priest
Kills: 0  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Book of Initiation
Achievements: Initiative

In Battle 2 you were one of three units to defend our starting turf and I managed to have you attack with Lightning Bow and not kill anyone, but still do significant damage. It's getting to the point where you're taking more damage than a fighter class, so you'll have to be well guarded soon.

Cleric - Earth - Neutral
Goal Class - Cleric (Possibly Lich)
Kills: 2  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: First Blood

Your Cleanse spell came in handy when units kept being put to sleep or paralyzed. Overall you made good use of all of your spells and your INT score is climbing, so you are well on your way to Lichdom. In Battle 2 you were stuck on our starting location with only Brian and DrTasty<3, but held your own when eaglemans and mermaids and octopi were trying to make you a cleric-skewer.

Soldier - Earth - Lawful
Goal Class - Knight
Kills: 5  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Book of Initiation, Knight's Certificate, Self Preservation
Achievements: Vent

So far you're not awful, which is a stunning difference from the last playthrough. This did not prevent you from being paralyzed by dragons, but you didn't die either. Someday that heal spell will come in handy.

Fairy - Air - Chaotic
Goal Class - Blow Dudes
Kills: 1  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Sniper
Achievements: Low damage assassin

Your pitiful damage is useful for waking sleeping guys up. I'm still astounded nobody tries to kill you, because you're practically begging for it with your low defensive attributes and HP. Maybe I'll try to get your Agility up to ridiculous levels so no one can hurt you.

Octopus - Water - Neutral
Goal Class - Water guy
Kills: 1  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: None

Turns out Mermaids are better than Octopi, but you held your own in Battle 2. I gave you a "water ring", but I forget what it does.

Cleric - Earth - Lawful
Goal Class - Priest
Kills: 0  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: None

All heals were good in Battle 1, I think you even cured some debuffs.

Ghost - Bane
Goal Class - Ghost Dad
Kills: 4  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Self-Preservation
Achievements: None

Congratulations, you found an Ice Wand, which I allowed you to equip, because I'm such a nice guy (and there's no one else who can use it). It's difficult to find an opportunity to use Cursed Existence, since its damage is based on your remaining HP, which hardly goes down because no one fights you.

Wizard - Air - Chaotic
Goal Class - Warlock
Kills: 5  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Knight's Certificate, Book of Initiation
Achievements: None

I noticed your strength and agi were lagging behind your INT so I switched you to Beast Tamer in the beginning. You're C-aligned so you can't be a knight. In order to get that Pen and the Sword emblem you need 3 kills with melee and 3 with magic, which you weren't quite there. I figured your INT would get to where it needs to be once your other attributes rise, making your transition to Warlock as fast as possible. You'll notice that your INT is now lower than your other attributes, but that's because you are no longer wielding staves.

Dragon Zombie - Bane
Goal Class - Be Weird
Kills: 1  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Knight's Certificate, Book of Initiation
Achievements: None

Now that your SP is above 20, you can do more Rotten Breath attacks. Things are going pretty well, except your low Move is a hindrance, since you can't get to the fight very quickly. I'll look into ways of resolving that issue.

Soldier - Fire - Lawful
Goal Class - Angel Knight
Kills: 4  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Book of Initiation, Knight's Certificate, Archangel's Feather, Sniper
Achievements: First Blood, Training Accident

You're a cleric now, because your INT and MP need to be pretty high in order to meet the Angel Knight requirements. Once it gets close enough I'll switch you back to knight to keep your strength up so you're not physically gimped. It's not a terrible thing to have another cleric, so now it's 4.

Soldier - Air - Chaotic
Goal Class - Dragoon
Kills: 5  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Knight's Certificate, Book of Initiation
Achievements: Kitten Cage
As much as I like huge move range and agility, you had to switch to knight to get your strength up, since dragoons require it. I forgot to equip a heal spell on you, since knights can't use offensive spells, but that'll change. In fact I forgot to reequip you entirely. As a ninja, your walk on water move skill was useful in Battle 2 since it was mostly water, allowing you to get anywhere I needed you. A ninja with magic in this game is actually not that bad in the beginning and does comparable damage to wizards.

Duke Knight - Water - Neutral
Kills: 5  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: None

The Game So Far

Battle 1
Deployed: Jay, Peter, Gage, Noah, Brad, Kay, Lee

Our first encounter with dragons, probably the most threatening enemies we can fight now aside from magic users and anyone with a special weapon. Like with Peter, dragons have special breath attacks that hit 100% of the time, are fairly strong, and give status debuffs. It's also Jay's first battle, which he proved useful with his AOE fire damage. The rest of the enemy were gremlins, which were mostly just annoying in that they do pitiful damage and also are sort of difficult to hit with their high AGI. You'd think AGI would help with bow damage, but it doesn't.

Gage and Peter assailed the dragons from the front and Noah went to the side. Lee went up top to cast his lethargic spell down upon everything. Kay, Jay, and Brad stayed behind as support. Lee managed to sleep a few guys over the entire course of the battle and even found an Ice Wand. Jay probably did the most damage with his AOE attacks, netting a couple of kills. Kay was best healer, in part due to her Cleanse spell, which was useful in getting rid of paralyze and poison. Brad assisted with the heals, but also made use of his lightning bow spell to hit dudes in hard-to-reach places and nailed a gremlin to death. Noah made use of his long-range whip, dealing damage without getting countered and got some kills. Gage's knight toughness saved him as he took quite a bit of damage and was poisoned, but also struck back with extreme prejudice (racist). Peter's breath was useful for hitting targets, but dragons don't have weapons so no POW DOWN status.

Noah's brandishes his new whip like a towel in the lockeroom.                   Brad doesn't need Mr Satan to help him conjure the Spirit Bomb!            Peter took that thunder breath like a champ                                            Kay healing Noah's stun debuff
Lee found Mickey Mouse's shitty wand! No one uses it!                             Jay spitting hot fire at these dragon fuckers.                                                  Gage performs another boring sword slash at the dragon.

Battle 2
Deployed: Jay, Jon, Brian, Cameron, Sagar, Jeff, Dylan

Mermaids mermaids mermaids. This was our first really tough battle since most of the map was water and we faced several mermaids and octopi on top of eagle men to boot. The leader, Minerva, has an ability "lullaby", which puts units to sleep (sometimes). Mermaids and octopi are both strongest in water tiles, making them an equal match for Jon and definitely strong against Jay's fire spells. Everyone ended up getting separated, Jay ending up on an island "tanking" a couple of enemies while Brian healed him from afar. Our starting position was invaded by the eagle men and encroaching mermaids, but DrTasty and the two clerics held them off. Sagar, Jon, and Jeff gave chase to Minerva to the other side of the map and ended her reign of drowsiness.

All in all, we performed well, though the battle was kind of a slog with all of the resistances floating around.

Jeff's new nickname can be "Big Nuker Jeff"                                                Cameron's gonna fucking heal Jon like crazy                                           Brian with spells of mass healing

It's like Sagar doesn't care, with his hands in the air                                   Jon is making my "octopus vs mermaid" fantasy real                                Jay playing a nice game of catch the fireball with a friendly octopus

The Story So Far
DrTasty<3 decided to not do things Cybil's way, so he kindly told her to fuck off, but he'd still help her at least investigate the spear's whereabouts. Cybil was surprisingly okay with this.

Not like he was doing much of that anyway.      Not like risking his life counted before

 *Hits button* That was easy                            yeah I'll get right on rushing to my death.        Uh, I think she got that in the first panel

Meanwhile, DrTasty<3 and Ivanna (that red knight we picked up and never use) have a conversation. They discuss some old geological activity in the area and our hero reveals he heard there's a secret cave or some such connecting some landmasses, so he's going to try it. She seems to want to follow DrTasty<3 to the ends of the earth to help protect her land, her uncle is up to something nefarious and she intends to stop whatever it its - the death of her father can be settled after (and she may get some answers later, seeing as it would be convenient for it to happen that way and if you know anything about storytelling, you usually don't bring up something like that and let it go to the wind unless you're a bad writer...). 

You've been outside for 2 fucking seconds!    A little flowery for normal conversation.           That sounds like a thing no one from here knows.            If you passed the McDonalds, you went too far

That's what SHE said                                        Usually I like to meditate on a mat or pad.      And she said THAT TOO!

Because she's just as bloodthirsty.                   It's not like we'll do that during the plot.           Say that to all of those busted condoms.      "'re an idiot and stink bad, no offense!"

On the way to the southern route, they encounter Eleanor, whom DrTasty<3 promises to come back to even though he only ever had one conversation with her.

That tends to occur in existence.                     No, he and Ivanna are totally down for....       In this world of colossaly shitty people...          Like has a plan and executes it???

How many people got beat up by a 14 yr old?  No, your class is literally "Knight"!                 Definitely no retreat in this game.                   Reason? Facts? Information? Discussion? WHAT???!!!

Hopefully fucking not.                                       I only chose A because you get a better item.    YOU'VE GOT THE TOUCH!

In some sort of passage, DrTasty<3 encountered some dragons and gremlins, but Orson showed up. Apparently Richtor disbanded him from "the troops" so he could help our hero with his paltry bow damage. Thanks, Richtor.

He says, without his squad.                             It's Old Man Dragon!                                       Yeah, what the fuck, dude?! Jesus!              So Mr Lasagna is looking after me after all!

Nah, he's just here on a nice hike.                    Watch out especially for Old Man Dragon.     Just like he likes his women.                          Battle's over, can't persuade.                       

That's bad game design, Orson Redenbacher.    I thought it was for a well done steak.         "My speed metal band's new song title!"          I thought his family did that when he was 12??

DrTasty<3 then heads to the mermaid area, wherein he encounters Minerva, the paranoid idiot stupid ass mermaid. Even though he makes a compelling argument (none at all), Minerva calls her buddies and they must fight.

I don't know, why is there a dumb bitch here?    Just come right out with it, Mr Blunt.           That isn't what he said, you moron.                 Er, except all of your friends.                         Lend a helping hand and make the world a better place by SLAUGHTERING EVERYONE

After the fight, DrTasty<3 again tries to reason with her, but Minerva isn't having it and runs away.

DrTasty<3 is a MAN, Minerva.                        Oh and sorry about killing all of your friends.