Chapter 4 - Watery Tarts

Hello and welcome back, finally, to the playthrough of Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis. Sorry it took so long, but life had its way and this took forever to do. We're back, though, so don't worry!

Quick Story Summary
We get further into mermaid territory and encounter more resistance, but eventually the mermaid leader wants to talk to us and tells us of the legend of the spear we are looking for. She tells us who to talk to and we head to Eleanor who knows the whereabouts of the golden mermaid, some nasty White Fang guys try to take her, but we murder them and then Eleanor joins us. 

The Army
Many of you are nearing a changing point for your class. 


Soldier - Fire - Chaotic
Goal Class - Lich (65 of 118 mp, 100 of 134 int)
Kills: 3  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: Kitten Cage, Kitten Cage 2, Mage Tank

Still doing pretty well with those fire spells and you're well on your way to Lich strength, though that's still not for a bit. 

Cleric - Air - Lawful 
Goal Class - Priest (59 of 76 mp needed)
Kills: 0  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Book of Initiation, Heavenly Spirit,
Achievements: Initiative

You are very close to Priest, just a couple more levels and maybe some MP up items and you'll be there. Still 0 kills in your life-span, so that's good. 

Cleric - Earth - Neutral
Goal Class - Lich (59 of 118 mp, 112 of 134 INT, not chaotic)
Kills: 2  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: First Blood

Still a ways off from LICH, but still not something to worry about for a bit. You've been attacking more than healing, which is not a bad thing and maybe indicative to the party setups chosen in the recent battles. It's on par with melee for now.

Soldier - Earth - Lawful
Goal Class - Knight
Kills: 5  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Book of Initiation, Knight's Certificate, Self Preservation
Achievements: Vent

Again you continue to not suck terribly, which is still a surprise to me after all this time. Heal spell still helps in a pinch and your ability to take damage is still good.

Fairy - Air - Chaotic
Goal Class - Blow Dudes
Kills: 1  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Sniper
Achievements: Low damage assassin

You're still blowing dudes and you're blowing harder as time goes on. I've been trying to keep your HP up with HP up items, but it's been impossible to catch up with the rest of the world. Just hope no one accidentally bumps into you or some wind stirs up because you'll probably die.

Octopus - Water - Neutral
Goal Class - Water guy
Kills: 1  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Knight's Certificate
Achievements: None

So your usefulness in the water is starting to taper off, what with water maps coming to a stop on the horizon. We'll see, but the level difference this time hurt.

Cleric - Earth - Lawful
Goal Class - Priest (60 of 76 MP) 
Kills: 0  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Heavenly Spirit, Embodiment of Desires
Achievements: None

You best healer abilities were put to the test in the second battle, where people were getting hurt like crazy and also stunned/poisoned. Very close to priest.

Ghost - Bane
Goal Class - Ghost Dad
Kills: 4  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Self-Preservation
Achievements: None

Uh, you hit people with Nightmare a lot. That's literally all you do. 

Wizard - Air - Chaotic
Goal Class - Warlock (42 of 78 mp, 81 of 90 str, needs ot be neutral)
Kills: 7  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Knight's Certificate, Book of Initiation, Pen and the Sword
Achievements: None

Not too far off from warlock, you have all of the emblems, but your MP needs work and so does every other magic person in our group. We'll see about it next time.

Dragon Zombie - Bane
Goal Class - Be Weird
Kills: 2  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Knight's Certificate, Book of Initiation, Self Preservation
Achievements: None

It is difficult getting you into position to take hits. You got nothing done at all this time around, we'll try harder next.

Soldier - Fire - Lawful
Goal Class - Angel Knight (208 of 215 HP, 54 of 66 mp, 77 of 89 str, 84 or 88 agi)
Kills: 4  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Book of Initiation, Knight's Certificate, Archangel's Feather, Sniper
Achievements: First Blood, Training Accident

You may actually be the first person to reach an "advanced" class. You're only a few points off from each attribute, whereas most everyone else needs a bunch of mp or something. I think next chapter our group will be a little holier.

Soldier - Air - Chaotic
Goal Class - Dragoon   (92 of 109 str)
Kills: 9  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: Knight's Certificate, Book of Initiation, Dragon's Scale
Achievements: Kitten Cage

Close to dragoon. Again I forget how I'm actually going to cheat the class in for you, but we're doing it. We're making this happen.

Duke Knight - Water - Neutral
Kills: 8  -  Deaths: 0
Emblems: None
Achievements: None

Probably the most boring thing I could have done for myself.

The Game So Far

Battle 1
Another water level, great. It's what our army is built for... It's not, but the sentiment is nice, I guess. The logical thing was to deploy Jon, Lee(Ghost Dad), and Jeff, who all excel at this sort of thing. The other logical thing was to deploy Peter, who got stuck trudging through water and not getting much use. This was the first battle we didn't completely wipe out the enemy team, having severely injured Aerial and ending things before having to go through another lengthy period of slowly whittling enemies down to death.

Battle 2
Our objective was to protect Eleanor, the only real immediate threats were the 2 archers, the rest were a Dragoon and several dragons. Brian, Noah, Gage, Sagar, Cameron, Kay, and Dylan were deployed, so on top of Drtasty<3's healing, we had Eleanor covered. It wasn't much of a fight as much as a puzzle to figure out the best way to whittle the health of the dragons down so Sagar could get his dragon killer emblem. Forgot to equip Noah with offensive spells so he spent the entire time whacking archers in the face. Brian and Cameron shot long range light bolts at enemies and healed when they could, Kay spent the time healing and removing debuffs the dragons gave us. Gage, Drtasty<3, and Sagar were the melee damage source. After we successfully slaughtered the slithering ...uh sdragons, we killed off the dragoon leader and ended it.

The Story So Far
Continuing on with the journey to find the mermaid lair, Drtasty<3 encounters Aerial, who claims to be the strongest of her kind and is pretty mad about our presence in her homeland. But after defeating the little mermaid, she wished for death and gives Drtasty<3 a lecture about pity, but their leader Chloeri demanded our presence before Aerial could spout (haha water, get it) her mouth anymore. Chloeri explains that mermaids live very long lives and still remember the old war with the humans, but she does not blame the current generation for the sins of their ancestors (something I think maybe people today could learn from!) She tells us about the spear and what happened to it.
Fucking shitty bitch!                                                            Take me to your leader, for fuck's sake!                        He's literally facing you right now

Apparently, Chloeri was a soldier before she became the leader and was bitching at the previous leader's unwillingness to wage war anymore. Chloeri demanded that God answer for the deaths of the mermaids, so when she returned from battle, the leader was gone and replaced with a magic spear that could fuck up everything. With this power they resurged and warred for 10 years. At some point, a mermaid fell in love with a human, which was forbidden. She wanted the war to end so she stole the spear and gave it to  him in hopes that this would make them want peace or something. So that ended the war, because without a super spear then the mermaids sucked and couldn't fight. 

Would "like" to, but no worries if you want to die.            God's treasure, much like Lincon's gold.                         A spear that can easily kill one person, the power!      Mermaids really just don't have it very good.

Kind of a hypocrite if you ask me.                                     Nah, war gets a lot of stuff done. Look at Lodis!                   He's been trying to do that since you met him!

Chloeri tells our leader that the mermaid who took the spear, a golden scaled one named Berevra, is probably still alive. The mermaids no longer have a use for the spear, favoring self-preservation over war. So Chloeri tells Drtasty<3 he can have it if he finds it. He thinks he has a hunch of where that golden mermaid might be. Aerial and he have a conversation, she didn't understand what was happening and appreciates DrTasty<3's actions and wants to see him prove that humans can be good. She joins. '

DrTasty<3 reports to Cybil. He now understands the nature of Richtor's behavior and says he doesn't belng anywhere anymore. He wants to be his own man and offers to continue helping her, but she wants to act as equals and lead their people separately.
Could it possibly be worse than Twilight?                            Okay, but don't go bitching about booty calls.                Investigate them with your sword inside of them.

Our hero goes to see Eleanor at the beachside church, she's hurt and supposedly Father Hamen punished her. Drtasty<3 explains his feelings from a scene I don't remember and then asks her about the mermaid. She flips out about that being the only reason or him to see her and storms out. She is met by some White Fang troops who threaten to kill her if she doesn't cooperate, so we jump in to save her. After dispatching the soldiers, Eleanor tells us that she knew the mermaid and used to be good friends with her. Eleanor offers to cooperate, so Drtasty<3 says he'll never tell anyone where the mermaid is, but Eleanor flips out again and says she wants to be with him. She says she doesn't want to be a burden, so she asks Drtasty<3 to teach her how to fight and he accepts. 

She might lick your hand, be prepared!                            I'm sure you have more than one use though