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Tactics Ogre Open Tournament

Welcome to the Tactics Ogre Open Tournament! 

This is a test of skill, brains, and luck. Make your character and see how it fares through the brutal Tactics Ogre game. Will you survive? It's possible. Will you die? Probably! No worries though, just make a new one. We're going for least attempts!

This is the first of possibly many Tactics Ogre Opens. Participants compete to see who can make characters that die the least amount of times. The person with the best character and the least deaths wins. Good Luck.


  • Participants will create a character in Tactics Ogre. That character will fight in battles in AI mode until it dies, then the participant will get one death tally and create a new character. The goal is to survive as many battles as possible and get the least amount of death tallies.
  • Participants will be able to choose build order, goal class, and equipment loadout for their character. If you are unfamiliar with Tactics Ogre, I recommend reading up on mechanics documented here. Deaths and performance are tracked. The winner is determined by:
    • Number of character deaths (see Death)
    • Number of survived battles (participated)
    • Performance (kills, saves, luck)


  • Participants get one character slot
    • Each character must have either a goal class or a build order (see Builds)
    • Character exists until dead or reincarnated (see  Reincarnate)
    • Every time a Character dies, that Participant creates a new character (see Builds) and receives a death tally