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Tactics Ogre PS1

Welcome to DrTasty's Let's Play Tactics Ogre.

Tactics Ogre was originally released on SNES, later ported to PS1, and then completely remade for PSP. It is a turn-based strategy RPG featuring an in depth leveling and class system with an intriguing storyline. It offers differing story branches, each with a unique alteration of the plot, and a multitude of endings. It has many hidden systems too, which differ in difficulty of understanding. It remains one of my personal favorite games of all time and I like to return to it.

There's a major difference between the PSP version and the older ones, namely the translation and art were improved. The class mechanics were completely re-hauled, removing any semblance of character building and replacing it with a more homogenized system. Instead of individual character levels, each class levels up. It also inserted an extremely grindy crafting system, complete with crafting failure chance. I put over 100 hours into that game, most of it crafting items. Each version is good, but I prefer the PS1 version over the rest.

I'll be documenting the story characters here.

Below are the playthrough chapters (WARNING: I was figuring out formatting as I went, so the quality of these chapters improves the later they are.)

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Doctor Tasty,
Jun 15, 2015, 1:47 PM