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Chapter 1 - A Daring Rescue(s)

The Story So Far:
The country of Walsta has just gotten through a war with neighboring country Gargastan and are immediately thrust into conflict again when a bunch of asshole Dark Knights come charging in, slaughtering villagers in a quaint town where our heros Denim, his best friend Vice, and sister Kachua happen to live. They are embittered by the war and the events that take place and fight with a small insurgency group. Things are about to change forever for this trio.

Denim and co. attempt to murder some nice men behind a house, mistaking them for the Dark Knights, but it turns out these guys are "exiled" knights from the land of Zenobia acting as mercenaries. After some chatting, the three amigos invite the band into their basement to discuss the state of things.

Our heroes hire these men to help them liberate Amorika Castle and save the captive Duke Ronway. This was a good idea, as the ex-knights easily slaughtered the guards outside and inside the castle with their high level equipment, like a hunter skins and guts a deer. Denim and friends tag along, but just kind of hang out while the real men do the heavy lifting. 

After rescuing Wrongway - I mean Ronway, Denim, Vice, and even priestess Kachua are made knights. They strike out on a mission to rescue some asshat Knight-Commander who got most of his men killed fighting some Necromancer who may or may not have some significant role to play in the days to come. 

After a little training we headed off to rescue Leonard, the knight who sucked. 

We rescued friendly Exorcist Presance and made quick work of the ghosts and skeletons that guarded our target. Leonard laments his failure and wants us to help him track and capture Nybas, the Necromancer. Presance thinks we should go back to Amorika to fortify the castle's defenses, because it is lightly guarded and the army lacks numbers. Making the obvious choice, we head off to a fort on an island to fight the Necromancer and his army of Spooky Scary Skeletons.

In Tactics Ogre, players can hire male and female soldiers and even monster classes, if available. You then take these recruits into training mode to smack each other around until they gain levels. Each character class has different stat growth upon level up and requires certain attribute amounts to change to that class. The classes all do something different from melee, to ranged, offensive spells, support spells, healing, and even provide auras which affect the attack and defense values of nearby units.

Levels are gained when the unit accumulates 100 exp points. A unit gains EXP for performing successful offensive or support actions on other units and killing a unit. The higher level the target, the more EXP. If the target has about 8 or more levels on you, you automatically level up.

Everyone in the army is sitting pretty at level 10. After making Presance and our generic cleric punch each other for hours on end to get to level 16, I have the rest of us chuck stones at their heads to gain some levels. 

The horned helm wearing Berserker is one of the first heavy offensive units one can get in the game. They have good attribute growth and hit fairly hard. Their favored weapon is axes, which are rather heavy, but the berserker is a fast unit to make up for that. They don't do anything special beyond wading into combat and cleaving faces, we will face many. Tactics Ogre's story berserker is a merc named Zappa, who we can possibly recruit if we play our cards right. Our army berserkers are Jon and Sagar. 

Onto the players.

You can view unit stats as I update them on this handy spreadsheet 

Jon - Berserker - Water 

Upon graduating from the soldier class, you spent some levels as a Ninja to get your DEX and AGI up to reasonable heights so you won't miss targets in the days to come. Your love for war is ticking clock, now you are a Berserker with the Water element.

Sagar - Berserker - Fire

You followed the same path as Jon and Ninja'd your way to level 10. Your class is Berserker and your element is Fire. I have high hopes and low expectations for you.

Josh - Dragoon - Earth - Currently a Beast Tamer

Blah blah blah, something about Ninja. Before you can be Dragoon, which requires relatively high attributes, you must spend some time as a Beast Tamer in order to get your VIT and HP up to snuff in order to face the mighty dragons we will encounter later. Until then, your element is Earth, a strange choice for a dragoon, but I'm rolling with it.

Kay - Witch - Earth

You are the Witch you've always dreamed of being, but before that you spent some time as an archer to get your DEX up, so your status spells will hit things. Currently you wield the useful Stun spell until I can get petrify. 

Gage - Knight - Fire

Soldier Soldier Soldier Ninja NInja Ninja. After that comes the Knight, which is a mediocre class at best, but that's what you wanted. I forgot the PS1 version does not give Knights a spell slot, so NO HEALS FOR YOU. Your element is Fire and you're going to be in constant danger, especially on water maps.

Brian - Lizard Man - Water

I got lucky and Lizard Men were available to recruit in Krizar. You are a water lizard and carry a spear until I can get a hammer. 

Peter - Terror Knight - Earth - Currently a Beast Tamer

You did the Ninja for a bit, but now you're a beast tamer for the VIT growth. You sit on a whopping 2 kills, just 28 more to go until you can get your terror on! 

Logan - Warlock - Fire - Currently an Exorcist

Unlike the rest of these guys, you are spending the majority of your time as an Exorcist until you meet the requirements to become a warlock. I fucked up and hired a L alligned dude, so you can't be a wizard for that. I'll probably make you a NINJA to get your DEX up, because your spells won't hit for squat with low DEX. 

Jay - Octopus/Tiamat

Unfortunately I haven't found an Octopus or a Dragon to hire. But as soon as I find one, you'll be in the army. A dragon requires 40 kills to become a Tiamat, but we'll get there.

Rob - Golem

No idea when Jorshe the Golem will become available for recruitment, so you're out until then. I have never used a golem before, but we'll see how that all pans out. 

Dylan - Terror Knight - Wind - Currently Ninja

I was a baller and nabbed 3 kills in previous battles, but unlike the rest of the recruits, I spent the first few levels as a Beast Tamer so that I'd die less easily as a flimsy Ninja. 

Next Chapter: Chapter 2 - Spooky Scary Skeletons
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Doctor Tasty,
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