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Chapter 15 - Wanna Meet That Dad

Quick Summary

With Denim's father dead, the truth about Denim's origins revealed, and having reunited with a long lost friend, Denim takes the fight to Banhamuda Temple to rescue Olivia, Selye, and Sisteena's father Moruba...Morbuda...Garuda...Morduba...I forget. Rescue him from their OTHER sister Shelley. Denim fights an inconsequential warlock and then takes the fight to the temple. The dad asks Denim not to kill Shelly, so he wounds her to critical health instead and everything is peachy. Afterward we promise Moruba that we'll do whatever it takes to save Valeria, even if it means punching that stupid jerk Kachua in the face.

The Army
Everyone is about level 26 or 27 now. Nothing new to report. You'll have to forgive me, looks like I uploaded the incorrect screenshots of units. I'd correct it now, but I already dragged this out long enough. We'll be back on track next time.

Unit Spotlight - Male and Female disparity
Tactics Ogre is a little different than most other RPGs; where most classes/vocations/jobs/etc are not dictated by gender or sex, TO takes this and runs with it. There's a huge difference between males and females in the game, mostly to do with the classes. You see, males get more to choose from with more emphasis on melee, while females get less with an emphasis on ranged combat. I think there may be some hidden attributes that differ between males and females, but I'm not certain. Males get a better mix of high attribute growth, every class has a high point like the Beast Tamer's VIT and HP or the Dragoon's STR and DEX. Female classes are strange, getting weird combinations of DEX and MEN or INT.
Not that this puts males above females, as a good archer can take out most melee units no problem, they just get less options. Dragon Tamers aren't great in melee and aren't potentially good either as Valkyries and Amazons are the only option to build a female melee unit and their growth is not great. Sirens are the best offensive casters, but suffer from low defensive attributes and will die more easily than a wizard.

Logan - Warlock - Fire
Kills: 4
Achievements: Here Comes The Stun
Paradigm continues to be a useful tool, it either lets me do a panic heal or get a kill I'd otherwise not execute.

Peter - Earth - Terror Knight
Kills: 46
Achievements: Boss Blocks
Despite your terror effect, I still need to babysit your HP. Maybe the warp shoes were a bad idea.

Sagar - Berserker - Fire
Kills: 13
Achievements: Cock Block, Last Stand
I'm surprised your axe does decent damage to fire elemental people.

Jon - Berserker - Water
Kills: 15
Achievements: Boss Blocks, Axe Assassin
When enough was enough on Mt Hedon, you flew in right next to the enemy leader and chopped his face off.

Jay - Tiamat - Wind
Kills: 40
Achievements: Charming, Quite Charming, Late Bloomer

Everything is peachy, you're tanky, do respectable damage, fear, and charm...sometimes.

Josh - Dragoon - Earth
Kills: 18
Achievements: Early Riser, One Hit Wonder, Full Set
It's been kind of boring for you, your greatest achievement was attacking a petrified dragon. I'll try to kick it up a notch next time.

Kills: 23
Achievements: Bitchin, Gnome Sayin
The gloves are off. I'm casting gnome just to murder people I don't like.

Gage - Knight - Fire
Kills: 18
Achievements: Close Call, Damsel In Distress, Stone of Shame, Face Blocker
I think that black shield is more of a liability than anything.

Brian - Lizard Man - Water
Kills: 25
Achievements: Murder Hobo, Stone of Shame
Still smashing faces, but not as many right now.

Rob - Golem - Wind
Kills: 3
Achievements: Wall of Heal
You not only managed to do your job of healing and tanking, but one of your attacks was a critical and killed a guy when he would have lived.

Velika - Witch - Earth
Kills: 6
Achievements: Dragon Charmer, Stone Cold, Close Call
Managed to petrify most everyone in Hedon, saving me a ton of trouble and reloading. Well, actually you didn't, because I had to retry the battle a bunch of times. I guess you saved me more trouble?

Dylan - Terror Knight - Wind
Kills: 38
Achievements: Stone of Shame, Survivor

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...


Battle 1
This one was a pain. For the most part, this battle has an almost completely randomized enemy squad makeup, so every attempt I faced different dudes. On top of that, the map is another lava map with tons of bottlenecks and impassable terrain. An additional roadblock is the enemy's ruthlessness: in the past, spell casters were careful not to hit their own dudes, but not this time. I had several failed attempts where a mage nuked their own allies to death in order to kill just one of my teammates. The leader, a warlock, has a unique staff that casts X-Zone when used like an item. X-Zone has a guaranteed stun, but damages the caster. He also has a high-chance stun spell and large AOE charm.

Fortunately in my successful go, Velika managed to petrify most of the people she targeted. Jay was a useful roadblock and breather. Jon's flying movement allowed him to get the killing blow on our enemy leader.

Battle 2
The only real threat in this battle was Shelley; she came with a high damage Incubus and a summon called "Dark Law". Dark Law works just like any other summon, except it does less damage the longer it goes. It was unlikely for her to use it, but she did. Good for us, it didn't kill anyone. All the ninja, knights, and dragoons were not much of a threat, less so than my bad habits of giving openings to the weak units. Everyone did a good job, even Jorshe, who managed to tank some and dish out some unlikely damage, even getting a critical hit for an extra point of damage to kill someone. We had to throw rocks to get Shelley's HP to critical, but we did it and she retreated.

The Story So Far
Previously, Denim had a heart to heart with his father, who basically told him the Dark Knights' plans for Kachua. Denim vowed to save his sister and restore peace to Valeria. Afterward he met Olivia who revealed his childhood her sisters come in and tell them that their fourth sister, Shelley, is attempting to kidnap their father, Moruba. Denim crosses a dangerous lava path, kills a warlock, then gets to the temple in the nick of time. He saves Moruba from Shelley, but the father asks Denim to not kill her. Denim obliges and she escapes.
Play time is over, you're a grown ass woman!

I'm going to go to my room and listen to Linkin Park!

I see why they have such a great relationship...

Our hero pleads with Moruba to help him, which the robed dude is hesitant to do. He asks if Denim is willing to fight his own sister, who is the key to Valeria's salvation, to which our main man says there is no choice. Not just because she's a stupid cunt, but also because he must do what is necessary to win the people's freedom. I forget what happens after that, but now I don't know where we are supposed to go.

He's quick to allow our hero to fight one of his own daughters

Who would say no to that?

In another scene, we see Branta having a weird dream. He wakes up and is informed that Shelley was defeated, which he doesn't care much about. "Useless bitch" was used multiple times. Gravy!

All of the not knowing what the fuck was going on in the dream was super eerie!