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Chapter 18 - I Have The Forbidden Power pt2

Quick Summary:
Denim and Co. were on their way to confront Branta at Heigm when they suddenly pulled a 180 and changed course for the FORBIDDEN POWER!!!! *Ahem* They raided the temple of Wind and got the Wind Power. They defeat the guardians at Fort Damsa and brave the hot temple of Fire, obtaining the Fire Power. They confront the Lich guarding the Water Temple, killing it and plundering the loot inside. What lies in store...?? (it's the earth temple. That's what lies in store.)

The Army
We're all still level 30, nothing new here.

Gage - Knight - Fire
Kills: 24
Achievements: Close Call, Damsel In Distress, Stone of Shame, Face Blocker
Since you're the only fire element guy who uses a shield (and do not block with it...) you get the Flame shield. Now you're completely covered in fire objects. Let that one sink in for a bit. Your strength is very high right now and you've slowly been accumulating kills. Soon you'll be a real boy!

Jon - Berserker - Water
Kills: 18
Achievements: Boss Blocks, Axe Assassin

I like the part where you can fly to high places and hit people with your weapon. That's pretty nice. Can't wait to get you a Water axe, because you'll be hitting similarly to that of a large, fast traveling vehicle.

Peter - Earth - Terror Knight
Kills: 50
Achievements: Boss Blocks, Murderer

I'm using you more offensively now due to your attack power increase from the Earth axe. It's nice, you hit hard and do the weird warping thing. You're at 50 kills now. The lives of 50 people have ended by your hand...or axe or hammer or spear or whatever. You know what I'm saying. You're a real MURDERER

Velika - Witch - Earth
Kills: 8
Achievements: Dragon Charmer, Stone Cold, Close Call

I've actually been picking charm over petrify sometimes because having an enemy attack another enemy is more beneficial. It was super useful in the water temple, basically took out 60% of their fighting force. One time you shot a bird in the face up high in the water temple with your crossbow! You see, the real advantage of having a crossbow is that it travels in straight line no matter what. So when we have the height disadvantage, you come out over long bows.

Brian - Lizard Man - Water
Kills: 29
Achievements: Murder Hobo, Stone of Shame
Now you've got a nice shield to go with that hammer of yours. The Ice shield increases your fire resistance a bit, so now opposing elemental guys won't hit you as hard.

Jay - Tiamat - Wind
Kills: 42
Achievements: Charming, Quite Charming, Late Bloomer

You'll notice I've been deploying you pretty often. Unfortunately I'm having a difficult time getting you to the battle in a reasonable amount of turns. Some day you'll get more action than you have. Some day (hell gate).

Sagar - Berserker - Fire
Kills: 19
Achievements: Cock Block, Last Stand

I really need to get some warp shoes or wing shoes for you, because you'd be hells of effective as an assassin. You got some good whacks in though, so no worries. Strangely enough, you're still ahead of Jon in cold, delicious kills. Have a flesh sandwich or blood beer.

Rob - Golem - Wind
Kills: 4
Achievements: Wall of Heal

You actually tanked again! In the water temple you took some good blows from the enemy that might have been kind of annoying or put my guys to sleep. I'm still grabbing stat-up cards where I can, so you're slowly becoming an effective unit aside from that god-awful fist attack.

Josh - Dragoon - Earth
Kills: 21
Achievements: Early Riser, One Hit Wonder, Full Set

Fucking hell, stop being so damned slow! You managed to get to the enemy this time, but that's rare! Next chapter you'll have the earth shield, that's if you still want a shield. Let me know. Oh and Gage is stronger than you  now, think about that.

Logan - Warlock - Fire

Kills: 4
Achievements: Here Comes The Stun
Surprise, surprise, I did not use you to fuel my casting might as much this time around, particularly when you were only casting zoshonel in the water temple. It wasn't that effective though, I think to really see substantial results you need to cast it a dozen times, but battles are usually over by then. I was also wrong about the Forbidden magic. You can't equip it, but you do get a much better spell later that only hits enemies!

Kills: 40
Achievements: Bitchin, Gnome Sayin

I am not ashamed to admit I still use you primarily to cast Gnome and splat dudes. It's okay though, because you splat dudes. That's the most useful thing. Considering that I specifically farmed kills with three other characters before I even recruited you, you have caught up to me and are almost surpassing Jay and Peter. You may have the most kills at the end...

Dylan - Terror Knight - Wind
Kills: 40
Achievements: Stone of Shame, Survivor

I'm just coming along for the ride.

So for the longest time I thought OBS was not picking up my microphone for some reason, but recently it's begun working properly. Enjoy the mostly silent commentary from me and the sounds of me eating my dinners!

Fort Bodo
Do you sometimes feel all alone in the world and no one gets you? Well that's how I feel about these fucking fort battles. Observe the freakishly unfair starting position of the enemy. Notice how they all fly except the leader. One thing that always gets me is the archers that beeline for my mages. Of course, that's what I'd do, but when the casters die in a couple of shots, it gets frustrating. Not this attempt though! With all the petrify and lucky positioning, I pulled off a solid victory and got myself a nice fire shield to boot!

Fire Temple
Gee whiz, the wind temple was a pushover so this one must be easy too. It isn't. I practically had to exploit the AI so they wouldn't obliterate us. 3 of the enemies have a long-range fire attack that deals tons of damage, enough to 2-shot water element guys. The leader carries an orb, which for some reason does insane damage to everyone. These things are usually not that bad, but the fire orb 1-shot Jeff in one of my failed runs. The whole end of the battle I was nervous about that orb-wielding dickwad using the orb. Orb, orb orb orb orb orb. We got nova+! Great thing no one can equip it.

Fort Gerda

The first time we face a lich, it's raining, there are many spellcasters with water spells, they're all undead, we have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses. The big threat here is the Lich with Fenrir. His first active turn he uses an MP berry, so I was sure he was going to blast someone with it. Nope, he casts incubus the whole time. The rest of the undead were mere annoyances, rather than threats. Most everyone got some action this time around, so go through the whole video to see your glorious skills! Jon got the kill with a flying assassination axe swing.

Water Temple
Better prepare this time, because of the horror of the fire temple- oh wait it's not hard. I overprepared: this time I used Logan a little differently, equipping him with a Zoshonel spell, which raises the power of fire on the battlefield and lowers the power of water. Neat! That means after a few casts, the enemies should do way less damage. This helped a bit, but Velika's charms also helped too. After a grueling session of whacking the last petrified enemy to death, we got the water power!

The Story So Far
Not much to report, other than Denim side-tracks an entire liberation movement to get some shitty battle-field-wide spells.