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Chapter 19 - The Grimby City

Quick Summary:
Denim and co are still on the path to the Forbidden Power(tm)! They've taken the fire, water, and wind powers - now they're finally on their way to the final power: EARTH. This shouldn't take long, just a quick journey to Fort Gekko and--NOPE! They make a stop in Grimby City, where it actually isn't much of a city, rather than a series of platforms that are stupid. They defeat Dark Knight Martim and rescue the gunner, who is looking for a rifle. After that they meet up with Ganb in Nimuraba, where he's not so nice, but decides to join us anyway. Then they finally get to Fort Gekko, where the Earth Temple is hidden. They fight their way through and gain the mysterious Earth Power, Quake.

These chapters are going to take a bit of a tangent. As of now I'll be heading to the optional dungeon, Hellgate. It is 100 stories, where you must traverse the first 50 floors wihtout exiting, then do it all over again and then go another 50 floors! Neato! There's some great stuff in there and it's a nice gauntlet. I'll be playing on my PSP and maybe streaming it when I get back from my trip. I'll keep yall posted.

The Army
After numerous battles with like-leveled enemies, our experience gains caught up with us and our levels are staggered. Had to get Jeff a level and an MVP to keep him from whining too much.

Unit Spotlight - Gunner

Tactics Ogre: where knights and vagabonds clash and steel rings during battle, then a guy in a weird hillbilly hunter's outfit comes out of nowhere and shoots them in the face! Yes, there is a class called Gunner and they do exactly as you'd think! You see, the rare guns obtained throughout the game are used as melee weapons by everyone else, except the gunner, who can shoot bullets from the gun from a large distance! Infinite distance, in fact. This is the only defining trait of a gunner, the ability to use guns. Aside from that, they have less than stellar growth, especially MND, which is abysmal. However, guns are powerful, so that makes up for it. There are 3 guns in the game: Rimfire, obtained during Banisha missions, Rifle, which is carried by Ganb, and there's another one I forget the name of, but you can't get it until Hellgate.

Seriously, look at this guy.

Once what's-his-face is recruited, any male can become a gunner. As the people say: once a gunner, always a gunner (I don't think anyone says this). So if they choose to be a gunner, they can't go back (except by gameshark).

Jay - Tiamat - Wind
Kills: 42

Achievements: Charming, Quite Charming, Late BloomerGood news, you actually did your job this time. I deployed you in a lot of battles lately and you haven't disappointed; the enemies tried to kill you and not the other guys. You also did a fair amount of healing too. As a reward, I auctioned off Ganb's pet griffons and gave one of their orbs to you! What's an orb? It's a rare item with an element that lowers the weight of whomever holds it, therefore making you slightly faster. It also contains a powerful, unreliable, battlefield wide spell that devastates the enemy, but it consumes the orb, so we're not going to do that.

Peter - Earth - Terror Knight
Kills: 50
Achievements: Boss Blocks, Murderer
No new murders to report, but you did your fair share of slicing and dicing. So your murders are down, but your attempted murders are up. Assault and Battery is also a terrifying crime! I imagine you as a Terror Knight just being fucking weird as hell and not just scary because you killed a lot of people.

Velika - Witch - Earth
Kills: 8
Achievements: Dragon Charmer, Stone Cold, Close Call
Charm and Petrify continue to be useful, in other news: the sun is in the sky and the moon orbits the earth. In Nimuraba it was your shot that brought Ganb to exactly the HP we needed him to be at, so good for you and your excellent shots.

Rob - Golem - Wind
Kills: 4
Achievements: Wall of Heal
Got to hand it to you, your golem does a pretty bang-up job of tanking when the enemy can't fly around you  and you actually make it to the front. I continue going for the attribute-up cards whenever I can, so your life is starting to catch up. However, you keep getting pushed to the brink of death, I wish I could find more LIFE cards.

Logan - Warlock - Fire

Kills: 4
Achievements: Here Comes The Stun
(Hell gate is next, so I'll have something for you then!)

Kills: 48
Achievements: Bitchin, Gnome Sayin, Psychopath

Poor you, you took a hit that brought you down to critical health in Grimby and that made your Siren start wailing about not being thought of... so I did the only logical thing and had you kill a bunch of people. Getting you a level up and then MVP on top of that in the Earth Temple shut you up, but you got 8 kills in the last 2 battles you were in. With all of your bitching and killing, you're a real psychopath.

Jon - Berserker - Water
Kills: 18
Achievements: Boss Blocks, Axe Assassin

For all of your flying and axing, you still get your ass kicked when you go out too far. The tactical advantage of ignoring terrain is completely irrelevant when you have an entire squad beating you up with metal sticks. And it seems you really are going to be the last guy to get a unique weapon. That'll change REAL soon.
Josh - Dragoon - Earth
Kills: 21
Achievements: Early Riser, One Hit Wonder, Full Set
Say goodbye to your beloved, useless Dragon shield and say hello to your much better Earth shield! It gives you wind resistance! Woohoo wow yay! It's heavier though... and you still don't block with it. Fucking hell.

Sagar - Berserker - Fire
Kills: 20
Achievements: Cock Block, Last Stand
Right now I'm imagining you, a large, bearded, horn helmet berzerker wielding a dark knight's flaming battle axe and wearing a holy suit of armor once owned by the faerie king of all people. The fucking faerie king. He's probably rolling in his grave right now.

Brian - Lizard Man - Water
Kills: 31
Achievements: Murder Hobo, Stone of Shame
Life of lizard man is good. Lizard man go far places, see new things, hit new people with club. It made of water. Life good. Lizard Man good.

Gage - Knight - Fire
Kills: 24
Achievements: Close Call, Damsel In Distress, Stone of Shame, Face Blocker
Your strength grows and so does your record of not evading physical blows! I'm tired of this shit, dude. Just some doofy guy in a suit of flaming armor wielding a fiery sword and kind of just dragging a hot shield around for no reason. At least you hit hard...

Dylan - Terror Knight - Wind
Kills: 41
Achievements: Stone of Shame, Survivor
Life on the road is the only life for for murder.


Ah, the Grimby City. Yes, it's pretty Grimby. We face Dark Knight Martim and his band of merry guys. In this battle we must protect Rendal, but contrary to other battles like this, Rendal actually has a sense of self-preservation! What a relief. Other than that, it was just a systematic murdering of Martim's guys. Three of them carried special weapons, which we'll probably not use, but if you want to, they're there. An Earth sword, a Water sword, and a Holy whip.

Not much of a battle, we had to deal with unique, poison swamp tiles that we'll never see again and we had to avoid damaging Ganb's Griffons if we want to recruit him. We were successful in bringing Ganb to critical and recruited him.

The primary concern was keeping the bow ninjas from killing the mages. Other than that, it was a simple charge and stab mission.

Most of this battle consisted of corralling the enemy so Jeff could get MVP. This is hard to do when 2 of those enemies can fly!

The Story So Far
Denim meets the gunner, Rendal, on his way to the Fort Gekko. Rendal was about to be psycho-murdered by Martim for stealing from the Dark Knights, but he didn't do it, it was Ganb! Rendal reveals that he lost a gun, but Denim knows about that stuff. They track down Ganb in Nimuraba, where Denim somehow convinces Ganb to join his army and that they'd be friends. Then Denim goes to Gekko, murders the defenders and the monsters inside for Quake. That's all!