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Chapter 2 - Spooky Scary Skeletons

Welcome to another exciting chapter in the Let's Play Tactics Ogre! I've changed formatting a bit, the meat of this playthrough is for you guys, so the army stuff is at the top. Story summary is after that and screenshots are further below. Let me know what you think!

Quick Summary:
We left off at Krizar City, where we had just rescued Leonard and decided to go chasing Necromancers. We defeat him, then get sent to Bacrum to sign a treaty with the Dark Knights, along the way saving a nice young woman. The Duke then asks us to go help a little town revolt against their captors.
The Army
Everyone is still level 10. Turns out I over leveled everyone, so we've been crushing the opposition with our...powerful hands.

Unit Spotlight - Knight

Knights are also one of the first heavy offensive units you get in the game alongside the Berserker. Their attribute requirements are low and anyone who is L or N aligned can be one. Growth-wise they're average, but they favor swords, which are easy to get. Preferred Weapon: when a unit wields a weapon they prefer, they get a special attack animation and deal bonus damage to targets. Very useful!

Even though they kind of suck, I still like to use Knights and often made Denim one in my previous playthroughs. In the PSP version they can use heal spells and get an ability, which negates 90% of all damage from all sources. Too bad that doesn't happen here. They're supposed to be a tanky unit, but they're so slow they get to the front lines after everyone else, so the point is lost. Our resident knight is Gage, for now he wields the standard Sword and Tower Shield combo. 

Don't forget to view the unit stats here

Gage - Knight - Fire
Since I'm trying to concentrate kills on Peter and me so we can become Terror Knights, you've been fairly useful in corralling the enemy so we can slaughter them. Unfortunately they keep attacking YOU and you steal the kills. UGH! That is the opposite of chivalry, Gage!

Sagar - Berserker - Fire
You haven't been doing a whole lot, but you hit hard with your newly equipped Phlanka axe. It's cool just to see you raise your weapon in preparation for some sensual axe-to-mouth. 

Jon - Berserker - Water
There was only one Phlanka, since they're not for sale yet and Leonard had the only other one and he won't relinquish it. Damn him! Do you see a pattern with this guy yet? Still, you are dealing damage where appropriate and unlike a certain Knight, you're not stealing the juicy kills. 

 Kay - Witch - Earth
I'm guessing it's because your element is earth, but if you were a baseball player, you'd be last pick because your hit rate is nearly 0 with the stun spell. Strangely enough, it has a high rate when I target my own teammates, which would be better than you think. Our friends Leonard and Vice love to charge in and steal the precious KOs from our Terror Knights in training, so I stun them to keep them from doing something stupid. 

Peter - Terror Knight - Earth - Beast Tamer
You're lagging behind in kills, man! Actually it's not your fault, just luck of the draw. Enemies seem to hate you right now and avoid your presence, I guess Beast Tamers don't smell nice. You're at 5 kills. 

Dylan - Terror Knight - Wind - Ninja
Since I have 2 swords equipped I'm much heavier than everyone else and my turn is after most everyone. That hasn't stopped me from grabbing 10 kills. Ninjas get Attack+, which allows them to attack twice if they have two one-handed weapons equipped. Nice!

Brian - Lizard Man - Water
Not much has been happening with you;  you get in, hit them with your spear, and they don't attack you. Things will change later, chapter 1 is kind of boring. 

Josh - Dragoon - Earth - Beast Tamer
I think I had you push an enemy with your Tower Shield, but otherwise you're not doing a whole lot. Once you're a dragoon, this will be much different. I'm looking forward to equipping you with the earth dragon slaying sword and having you wipe the floor in a certain battle. 

Jay - Tiamat - Dark
Still no dragons. Don't worry though, once I get one you're going to be chomping faces and breathing whatever it is your element breathes. 

Rob - Golem - Uh
Not a golem in sight. Soon though, dude. Soon.

Story Summary
Nybass, the Necromancer, greets us at the island fortress, telling us he's not aligned with Gargastan and to leave him alone. Leonard doesn't like this, but Denim says he just wants to put him in jail for a little bit. Nybas goes from complementing his intellect to calling him an idiot in the same monologue, then summons some SKELETONS and G-G-G-GHOSTS!

Pro Strat: Undead in T.O. are relatively weak, but they have one advantage; when they are KOed they do not die, instead they fall into a pile and once their countdown timer expires, they revive with full health! Uh oh! In order to vanquish them, they must be hit with the exorcise spell, which Exorcists can use. Too bad I didn't deploy Logan here!

Nybas is defeated with our strong skills, turns into a bat, then leaves with a foreboding message. The Badass army heads back to Armorika castle. The Duke quickly sends us on another errand, this time to Bacrum to get the Dark Knights to sign a non-interference treaty, we don't want to be seen as weaklings! (We also don't want to owe them anything, which would suck) Our heroes have a huge problem with this, seeing as the Dark Knights slaughtered their friends and family.

On the way, we encounter some gargastani soldiers and beat the ever-living snot out of them. Then we encounter some more at a town. There seems to be a problem with the Valkyrie there, her name is Sisteena and she is a complete buffoon when it comes to self-preservation. You see, in this battle there is an Earth Dragon, which spits out fumes that poison enemies. Poison in this game hits really hard and lasts a long time. You need to equip a certain item in order to heal it, which requires an item slot. Sisteena loves to go straight up to the enemy army and fight them in hand-to-hand instead of running away, making the task of saving her life a complete dice roll.

Fortunately the Dragon misses his poison attack at a mere 90% hit chance. We save her, barely, and learn she is a member of the Valerian Liberation Front, which - according to Vice - is a group of terrorists. She claims they're not and are fighting for the same things Denim is (world peace,) but Leonard will have none of it. He orders her out and does not kill her, to my surprise. Onward.

At Swan Castle we meet with Lans Tartare, the Dark Knight of raw beefs. Kachua instantly starts arguing that we shouldn't sign a treaty with the guy who killed a bunch of little girls, but Leonard shuts her trap up and good. Denim agrees, but Lans serves an apology. He is SO SORRY for killing those people, the Dark Knights were under false information that rebels were hiding in the village. Even though Lans insists on keeping them there to hang out with them, Leonard gets antsy and wants to leave. As they vacate, Kachua does that little pause with a head turn before she gets out the door. Lans tells Balsefo that Denim and Kachua remind him of Balsefo and Harborym (no one knows who Harborym is...yet.)

Back at the ranch, the Duke has new plans for us: he wants Denim, Vice, Kachua, and Leonard to go to a town in Gargastan and convince the 5000 Walstanians to revolt. With that many people, Walsta is srue to win. This will work out fine and not at all badly. He throws us 10K goth and tells us to fuck over there. So we prepare.

I apologize for the quality of these screens. I decided to play this on my PSP and I have to take shots with my phone. My phone has a defect where it gets too hot and tints the screen magenta, so I had to do some cropping and color correction. I'll figure out a better solution later.

Really... He's referring to the witch I killed in the last mission.

DAMN! Denim puts the smack down. I would have picked the SHUT UP! option, but that fucks up Nybbas' quest later.

Okay, great!                                                                    Wait, now you're throwing out mixed signals here, buddy.       I thought we were off to a great friendship!?

Nybbas is the leader, look at his leadership stuff.               Of course Gage falls asleep and a skeleton takes advantage of this. WAKE UP, GAGE! STOP DAYDREAMING

The Duke does not fuck around. He does NOT care about your stupid grudge, Kachua!

Never better words....                                                              Fuck! There is not better equipment, you asshat! What is wrong with everyone in Walsta?

Hahaha, you tell 'em! It's hard to place in screenshots, but he just killed that guy for trying to run away. Look at the cleric!

Yes, is that even a question?                                                  Peter getting his fight on. We're a bit overpowered.             I score yet another kill on some mook.

Not one to mince words, eh?                                            I actually forget what the second option is, but taken in context with the previous sentence...

Yes, we can tell that by looking at the name bar.              Yeah yeah, Walstanians are treated like shit. Get over it, dude.     I never thought I'd be relieved to hear Leonard say something.

Pretty sure that's a drink you can get at The Abbey...               Who cares?????

What is it with the ceaseless introductions?                              Nah, Leonard seems to be more of the calculating type

He's not yelling at Lans. It's funny out of context though. Kachua and Denim bring up that little incident in their home town and Lans apologizes, but Leonard doesn't have time for that shit.

Great plan, man. I hope you have lots of pot and anarchy propaganda!