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Chapter 22 - The Final Battle(s)

We're back, folks. It's the last part of this playthrough of Tactics Ogre, wherein we dive into the final dungeon, Eden. It's been a long time, but after a lot of thinking about it and feeling guilty, I finally dusted off the ol' emulator and finished this piece of shit fantastic game. I'm going with the usual format, but I've added a special awards section since this is the end of the game. Be sure to read it! Additionally, I'm thinking about doing a different playthrough, but either Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis (GBA) or Tactics Ogre: LUCT (the remake for PSP). If you want to participate or have thoughts on what game you'd like me to play through, let me know.

Quick Summary
After completely crippling the enemy force with his newfound power gained from dozens of agonizing hours in hellgate, and much tedium battling the Bishop in Heigm: Denim takes the fight to the Roslolians at Eden. There's also something about some guy dark knight trying to unlock some hidden power or treasure or ancient evil or something, but that's not important. Denim and Co fight their way up the 18 or so poorly named stages of Eden, kill Andoras (the least focused dark knight), and realize the place they're headed is at the BOTTOM of the FREAKIN' TOWER. At the bottom, they fight some ghoulish um...GHOULS and confront Barbas and Martym, whom are slain, but not before breaking the seal to the chaos gate with the Brunhild. Our squad beats the ever-unliving bejeezus out of Dolgare's evil demon spirit and then are whisked away as the ruins collapse. 

Since we rescued Kachua and did not let her die, we got the standard good ending where she is crowned Queen and unites Valeria. Denim leaves the government in her hands and heads off on his merry way to visit Canopus, Gildus, and Mildain in Zenobia. 

We took the C path, so Vice turned into a vicious pyschopath and died. There were some other characters we could not recruit, so we did not get to see their endings either. The only one we did get to see was Olivia's and it was just her saying goodbye to her dad. Overall, we did okay and the fate of the country is a good one, so bravo to us in the BADASS S Army!

The Army
This is it, we're at the height of our power. Everyone has their preferred equipment and abilities. You're all primed and ready to fight, to give it your all, to really stab and blast apart some dudes. Extreme violence is our best weapon.

Unit Spotlight - Dark Element
This game always hits you sideways with new, unexpected things. The spooky ghost of former King Dolgare is no exception, not really sure what to think about this guy: he's got the most HP out of any unit we've encountered so far and he does some really weird shit. For starters, he has the most powerful sword in the game: Ogre. He also can cast some nasty spells and summon shit. If you hit him, he changes element for some reason - a mechanic never encountered in the game at all. I'm sure he'll give us a run for our money.

Rob - Golem - Wind
Kills: 15
Deaths: 5
Achievements: Wall of Heal, Lazarus, Late to the Party
Despite your character's downsides, I sent him into the thick of battle anyway. Nothing's changed, but due to the slow speed of the golem and the layout of levels in Eden, you were always a bit late to the party. Still, you managed to sneak in a killing blow on an enemy who was not incapacitated somehow, so that's something! I wish I had used your orbs, but for some reason I didn't see an opportunity.

Jay - Tiamat - Wind
Kills: 53
Deaths: 0
Achievements: Charming, Quite Charming, Late Bloomer, Undying, Late to the Party
I'll never know how toxic breath can charm things, I really won't. Maybe it's the dragon's forked tongue being really good at eating out asses or something, who the fuck knows?! Why would people be doing that on a battlefield? Anyway, it was for the best, because a hydra nearly one-shot another one after it was charmed. That's fucking great. Anyway, you survived the whole game without dying, but like Rob, you were always late to the party. Didn't stop you from puking all over the place though.. Again, I wish I had used those orbs, but my ingrained RPG hoarding syndrome was in full swing.

Sagar - Berserker - Fire
Kills: 51
Deaths: 1
Achievements: Cock Block, Last Stand, Special Olympics, Fireman
I have to hand it to you: your flaming, flying ass destroyed many other asses on our way up and down Eden. Berserkers were always one of my favored classes in this game and you proved to be no exception. Your talents scored you several more kills, bringing you up to a solid 51. Not bad without farming kills and being melee.

Jon - Berserker - Water
Kills: 46
Deaths: 2
Achievements: Boss Blocks, Axe Assassin, GrimDarkness
Dark element is great everywhere, so your Blood Axe was useful at all times except when we fought dark element things, which are rare. Then it's a handicap. SoulWave or whatever the hell it's called was pretty good too, at least for long range or avoiding counters. My usual habit of having you charge head first into the enemy didn't go sour at all, which is weird, except maybe it's because we weren't fighting more than 6 enemies at a time. However, you did manage to score some more kills, but you didn't quite get to 50.

Velika - Witch - Earth
Kills: 16
Deaths: 4
Achievements: Dragon Charmer, Stone Cold, Close Call, Squishy, Crowd Pleaser
That Andoras fight was going pretty badly until you charmed more than half of his team. Until then it was that one asshole Templar stunning everyone over and over again. You did suffer a few deaths, but Kachua was handy. After your massive success, a real crowd pleaser, we secured a swift victory. Otherwise, you were on petrify duty, which was still the most useful thing.

Peter - Earth - Terror Knight

Kills: 78
Deaths: 4
Achievements: Boss Blocks, Murderer, Stoner, 3 Quarter Hundo
Man, I don't think that special move of yours, Relic, fails to ever petrify anyone. Just like the rest of the melee guys, I had you suicide charge the enemy every time and it even got you killed once, but at this point I didn't even bother trying and just had kachua stitch you back up from the dead. Overall you dealt some of the heaviest damage in the game, and I know that's what you like to do best above all other things, even going so far as to halt gameplay sessions so you can fiddle with your bullshit. I guess it pays dividends...

Kills: 114
Deaths: 4
Achievements: Bitchin, Gnome Sayin, Psychopath, Wicked Sick, Squishy, Final Blow
At the end of the last chapter you threatened to leave, but I didn't see any other complaints come up afterward. Guess we're good. I had a couple of maps where the enemy just wanted you to suffer and you kept dying, only to have Kachua rez you, over and over and over and over again. I didn't bother keeping track, but let's say it was like Groundhog Day. In the final battle, you were the one to land the final blow to Dolgare. Surprisingly it wasn't with Gnome, it was with your bare-bones Acid spell for a whopping 30 damage. Good job.

Brian - Lizard Man - Water
Kills: 59
Deaths: 3
Achievements: Murder Hobo, Stone of Shame, Aquazard, Damage Dumptruck
You participated in the last fight and actually did most of the heavy lifting on Dolgare. Your DevilCry move chunked him for well over 300 damage, since that's your max HP. I was a bit worried you would die, but Denim got a turn pretty fast and healed you to full. I also used it on one of the two dark knights in the battle before, because it ignores defense. So once again you prove that even a lizard guy with a water stick can be a fierce warrior.

Logan - Warlock - Fire
Kills: 42
Deaths: 0
Achievements: Here Comes The Stun, Undying, Wipeout, Battery
Logan, I don't have your personal email address, but just in case you see this, I kept you in not only for charge duty, but also for wipeout duty. You were averaging a little under 600 damage per cast as long as there were a lot of enemies.

Josh - Dragoon - Earth
Kills: 78
Deaths: 3
Achievements: Early Riser, One Hit Wonder, Full Set, Geared and Confused, Indian Giver Sacrifice, 3 Quarter Hundo
Maybe it was a streak of bad luck, but you managed to spend most of the time stunned. It was irritating, because you are one of two guys who can warp. Anyway, you still managed to score a few kills and deal some big damage out there with your mighty sword and Fudo technique. You scored just over 75 kills, so you got about 3 quarter hundo

Gage - Knight - Fire 
Kills: 58
Deaths: 0
Achievements: Close Call, Damsel In Distress, Stone of Shame, Face Blocker, Undying, It's all Ogre, Clean Up Duty
So not only are you slow, but you can't hit for shit. Your hit rate was so bad it dipped down into single digit percentages. Didn't stop you from getting some impossible hits at about 30 percent, whatever was hit did not survive. I'm curious if you could have killed Dolgare in one hit, but you were too slow. Mostly in this last dungeon I had you on cleanup duty killing petrified mofos, because they can't dodge and you aren't as affected by the damage penalty. All in all, you were a complete liability, as usual.

Dylan - Terror Knight - Wind
Kills: 63
Deaths: 1
Achievements: Stone of Shame, Survivor, Special Olympics
I tried my best, got some kills, did some damage, flew around on my terrifying wing shoes.

DrTasty - Lord - Earth
Our illustrious leader, I didn't bother doing updates for him, but I wanted to post his stats just for yall to see what's up with him.

Total Kills: 
Max Level: 35 - This is about the average level of most end-game enemies, so we were pretty well matched, which made the game positively challenging without being too easy or dick-slamming difficult. 
Overall Assessment: Our army mostly consisted of melee fighters and a few mage types. Our speed and defensive abilities were not great, but we made up for that in attack power. We lacked healing for a while so battles were determined by our ability to carry items and kill the enemy faster than they could kill us. Ultimately we relied heavily on crowd control and tricky positioning to prevent the enemy from overwhelming us. 

This is it, the end of the game. Everyone did a great job and contributed in some meaningful way. The challenge of being restricted to classes you chose wasn't as tough as I suspected, but it was fun. To send everyone off, I thought I'd give out some final rewards. 

Combat Awards

Most Violent - This goes to Jeff, while not actually needing a kill count to compete with Kharn the Betrayer, he managed to annihilate pretty much anything he encountered. Mage damage in this game is insane at the higher levels, they don't damage a single character all that much, but in groups they can do up to over 1 thousand damage (that is if the enemies are all in a group and there's 13 of them.) You assassinated with Gnome and devastated with Meteor/Acid. Good god. 

Most Utility - And probably the only non-offensive unit: Velika (Kay). You had a high amount of use even though you technically weren't killing anything (though you did a few times.) Your charm turned the tables, your heal saved us in a pinch, your petrify stopped the enemies dead in their tracks, and paradigm gave us a boost. 

Toughest - Your scaly hide gave you a significant advantage on the battlefield, Jay. Even though you sucked at killing stuff, you could take damage like a champ. Having a dragon in the party was a great idea, thanks for making me do that. 

Biggest Liability - God damn it, Gage, why did you pick the Knight class? They are okay early on, but they fall off the radar at high levels because of their weird stat priorities. I had to save you from the brink of death more than once and the enemy really loved to try and kill you. It's a wonder you had 0 deaths the entire run. HOWEVER, that death count does not include any time you died in a battle attempt I restarted. Do you understand how many more hours you tacked onto the game because of that? Let that sink into your head. 

Best Fighter - This would have to be Sagar. As far as I remember, you could wade into the thick of it and come out intact. There were times where you had avoidance streaks you should not have had, and hit streaks that were "impossible". I'm proud of you, little guy, so next time you tell me to killmyself, I'll think about this an extra minute before I tell you to go to hell. 

Most Underwhelming - Rob. Golems: never again. They are the worst monster class in the whole game, not even having a warlock nearby was enough to make it any good. The except was its significant vitality and ability to carry 4 items. It was an interesting addition to the challenge though, so you mixed things up. 

Slowest - Monster classes don't count, but this goes to Josh. Dragoons are one of the best classes in the game, but fuck if you can ever get to anyone in meaningful time. Your best use was defensive, as your counterattacks were huge, but otherwise I had to rely on those dang warp shoes to get you anywhere. 

Least Violent - Aside from caster classes. Considering your class name and weapons, you managed to get the least amount of kills of all the melee units, Jon.  That doesn't mean you weren't useful, you were responsible for slicing guys up, you just didn't land a lot of killing blows. You'd think a BERSERKER with an axe called BLOOD and armor called GRIM would be murdering people left and right. 

Weirdest - Peter, you take the cake for the weirdest character of all. A Terror Knight who warps from place to place, turning people into stone with his axe made from magical earth. Peter is also a name that does not ring of violence to me.

Most Achievements - Gage takes this with 7 achievements, most of them negative. If special olympics wasn't already an achievement I'd give you that too for winning this in the way you did.

Stat Awards

Strongest - Jay with a whopping 326 strength, not at all reflecting your abysmal attack power.
Smartest - Jeff with 280 Intellect, I guess most murderers are geniuses
Most Resilient - Sagar with Vitality 234 and Mentality 243, beating out both tough monster classes by a small margin. No wonder you were so tough.
Most Agile - Brian with Agility 218. Your hits were pretty reliable, but otherwise this didn't matter
Healthiest - Jay again with 366 health points, barely greater than most of the melee guys
Luckiest - Sagar with the ridiculous 57 Luck. That was a lot of savescumming to get you that high.

A tower containing at least 18 floors all the way up and then a couple more below. Each level contains at least 1 door that leads to the next level, some contained more than one, which allow for alternate paths. Players are most likely never going to battle on each floor, but it can happen. Each map is a set of small terrain surrounded by nothing, all of them having some sort of narrow path, steps, jumps, and water. Every map contains at least 6 enemies, either temple knights or some sort of monster. The first time I ever encountered this place, it took me by surprise. Not now, we have hours of hell gate battles and really good unit growth combined with high-end equipment. 

I did not bother recording every battle, but I took screenshots. For the most part we had an easy go of the fights, the only difficulties we encountered were dealing with the layout of the maps and some annoying enemies.

Give it up, Bernie, you lost the election          Eden, full of walls and water

Eden is a sensual place of pleasures          Here I am, brutalizing my nemesis              Some great layout this is

Logical progression from "Fisted Man"       What else is new, Gage?                         The feared Templar Knight, Jared

Now we're talkin....                                       Holy shit that damage                                  Unless you have a summon up your ass, that's not going to help

Shouldn't this floor come before all of the sexual ones????

Two wonderful choices                                These fucking griffons made me a Growling Bastard

If all the sex and boozing was part of the VIP rooms, then this makes me wonder

This should have been the top floor           I think this game is trying to say something          Trump's America, folks

Then how did Andoras get up there?

Heaven and Hell
- Top of Eden, Andoras
So we finally get to the top and what happens? Our two enemy Dark Knights leave a lone black man to fight their battle. If this is Trump's America, I want no part in it! Anyway, this battle would have been very easy if not for the fact that Andoras is pretty fast, tanky, and got away before his dozen friends crashed the party. Andoras, like every enemy leader, charged in head first only to meet our powerful attacks, nearly killing him. He was equipped with two claws, one unique, and had a very powerful Thundax attack that nearly killed us. He attacked and then moved back, starting a very slow battle. Once his friends got involved, the only way up was blocked and to make things worse: that asshole temple knight kept stunning everyone! We weren't in any real danger, but it just slowed our progress to a crawl. However, the tables were turned once Velika got a very nice crowd Charm to land, turning this battle of attrition into chaos. Taking down Andoras after that was easy. 

Andoras is a tough cookie                             Imagine if these two got maried

Sealed Room
- against the dark knights
It seems these two assholes lost every single temple knight up to this point, because it was just the two of them versus the 10 of us. To make things worse for them, the map is laid out in such a way that they only had one path in, which we quickly blocked. I'm pretty sure this was just a small battle to allow us room to breathe for the next fight. Anyway, Barbas went down first with a few whacks to the skull, then Martym. For our troubles, we got the most powerful sword in the game, the Brunhild, and also Nyfret, which none of us are going to use. 
Reminds me of Scott's naming conventions
Why didn't your parents just name you Martin?     Okay how can there be TWO leaders????

This would be a tough battle if not for the shitty AI. Dolgare is a super tough, super healthy unit that packs a powerful sword, armor, and spells. He can summon and changes his element after getting attacked. He also was accompanied by a squad of really powerful dark aligned creatures, which didn't get much of a chance to fight us. The first thing Dolgare did was teleport right in front of us. We quickly punished him with special moves, a very hard hitting DevilCry from Brian, and finally finished off by Jeff's Acid spell. I remember this battle being a lot more difficult when I first played this game. Oh well, that was anticlimactic. 

It all started when the Dark Knights of Lodis attacked Denim's hometown in Valeria/Walsta for unknown reasons. It seemed as if the divided lords of the land were making a power play. Stranger still, "exiled" knights from Zenobia, lead by the Paladin Lans, arrived and volunteered their services to Denim and his lord Ronway. Denim and his friends endured hardships of battle and political scheming, Denim fought to protect the people of a small city from merciless slaughter by his own comrades disguised as Gargastan soldiers, his best friend Vice finally turning to madness. He lived as a fugitive while his former allies betrayed him and hunted him down. He brought together a band of reliable friends and reformed the Valerian Liberation Army, taking the fight to the Dark Knights and rescuing his sister after finding out that she is the long lost daughter of the late King Dolgare, who went missing in his search for forbidden powers. They took out every outlying problem and finally assembled at the seat of power for the royal family. 

The Valerian Liberation Force (or BADASS S if you forgot) took Heigm by storm and slayed the Bishop Branta, whose dark knight allies all but abandoned him. Everyone has dedicated their service to taking out the enemy and uniting Valeria, so Denim and Co head to the tower of Eden to end this bullshit once and for all. Eden is a strange place that houses the tomb of kings, namely King Dolgare, whom we've only heard snippets of until now. The BADASS S army fights their way to the top, encountering strange enemies in places like "The Fisted Man" and "Orgasmic Dream." At the top, Denim and his friends slay Andoras, the third remaining Dark Knight...only two to go. Andoras warns Denim that Lodis may invade and Valeria must be united or suffer defeat, then tells Denim that the princess is in another castle and the place he's looking for is at the bottom of the tower.

I'd like a coors light.                                        Is it just me or does Denim come off as really bloodthirsty in this game?

I'm pretty sure it wasn't "Stop Martym!"          You sure treat your coworkers nicely            Number one phrase spoken by Denim: "Wait, <name>!!"

Oh no, you know what they say about breaking the seal!

Yes, we're at the Eden.                                    First off, my name isn't Zenobia...

The slogan for my male enhancement drug

At the bottom, Barbas and Martym find the secret resting place of Dolgare. Barbas taunts Denim, telling him the legend of the Ogre Battle and revealing that they are standing on a Chaos Gate, a place that keeps the demon world away from the living world. Barbas breaks the seal with Brunhild, the holy blade of Zenobia, which the Dark Knights stole. Up until now it was unsure of why the Dark Knights were helping Branta, but it turns out they only invaded Valeria to find and gain access to the tomb of Dolgare. All of this subterfuge, just so they could find unknown power. It turns out they only needed Brunhild, which the Zenobian knights sought after in their fake exile. 

When you in the bathroom at last call          What the hell did you think was going to happen?! 

It's old man Withers from the amusement park!

Yes, you're definitely the owner and did not steal the blade from a not-angel

Not entirely sure the holy gods are cool with dark rituals

I hear he won't let you down either              Everyone is friends and pirates now!           That's pretty self explanatory, Denim...

He should have switched to the Princess class if he wanted that                                              Nothing like demons power

Denim actually knows, he's just going through the anime motions

"I farted."                                        Oh, I thought it was an Order Entrance               Oh, no! That's what I'm going to say when I confront the big badguy
Oh good, I was worried I'd not packed enough sandwiches

Denim and Co kill the shit out of the remaining two Dark Knights, but not before the Chaos Gate is unsealed. Therein the evil spirit of Dolgare appears, bidding Denim give him the Brunhild, but we know better and fight back. Dolgare is slain, but the chaos gate is collapsing. Warren appears out of freaking nowhere and teleports Denim and his friends to safety. Warren Moon's fate is unknown (in the psp version, you get him back and then go on a merry time-travel adventure to save Lans.)

Why don't you ask the gate that?

Uh, no, idiot, you're a KING...                       Spooky ghosts who belong in the afterlife...  Let's have a pizza party for this thing we're all happy about

In Valeria, Queen Bersalia "Fucking Annoying Kachua" Overia is crowned and gives a heartwarming speech about uniting Valeria. Denim is at his father's grave, reliving some memories from the game, then sets off to visit Zenobia. Meanwhile, a little girl and a braindead Lans look at a sunset.