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Chapter 4 - Latex Gloves

After casting a vote, it was 5 to 3 for disobeying the Duke so we disobeyed and avoided staining our hands. For those of you who just skim by this stuff, I'm giving everyone the chance to pick their equipment, so please see the Gearing Up section. Casters have a special section at the bottom for spells.


Quick Summary
Leonard asked Denim to make the hard choice and do a personal swordplay demonstration to 5000 townsfolk. Denim was having none of that, so he refused, resulting in Leonard immediately trying to inspect his internal organs and Vice turning into Mr Murderman. While they were off slicing and dicing, our hero tried to save the townsfolk, but could not. The massacre caused a massive revolt and Gargastan found itself at death's door - with Denim made a scapegoat for the slaughter for some reason. Good guy pals are hiding when Canopus inspires a great idea: find Sir Lans and clear their names.

The Army
Still level 10 for the most part. After the battle we got some new gear choices. I'm letting people choose their gear, so if you are interested please see the Gearing Up section below.

Unit Spotlight - Lizard Man

The Lizard Man is a misc monster class unit available at the general store. Much like the other S-size monster units, Lizard Man is its own class, meaning they can't become Knights or Wizards. The upside to this is that you don't have to worry about managing attribute growth or figure out gearing or spells, because they have set abilities. They are actually really tough, with defensive and offensive growth akin to a knight and berserker mixed together. Hammers are their preferred weapon and they can move through water. They also count as a dragon, meaning they get the Dragon Tamer buff if one is in the party; the downside to this is they get hurt pretty badly by the dragonslay weapons.

In the PSP version, Lizard Man gets 3 special classes each with their own unique skills. Our resident Lizard Man is Brian and it just became hammer time.

Brian - Lizard Man - Water
HP 147 MP 0 STR 85 VIT 74 INT 49 MEN 72 AGI 78 DEX 65 LUK 50
Like the others, you were helpful in softening up the enemy so our terror knights could quickly finish them off. You even managed to score a kill when I got a little too "in the zone" with attack selection. I gave you the "Heavy" hammer, but let me know if you'd prefer a different weapon.

Josh - Dragoon - Earth - Currently Beast Tamer
HP 129 MP 28 WT 494 STR 70 VIT 69 INT 68 MEN 73 AGI 85 DEX 84 LUK 53
You must smell bad, because none of the enemies want to touch you. Good because this reduces the likely hood you're going to steal kills.

Kay - Witch - Earth
HP 130 MP 37 WT 491 STR 69 VIT 63 INT 69 MEN 72 AGI 77 DEX 83 LUK 50
In the last battle you got several stuns in, taking the enemy witch and archer out of the battle. Unfortunately it was raining and fire spells are less effective in rain, so they didn't stay stunned for long. I switched out your staff for a short bow, let me know if you want to change it. I also took the liberty to equip you with the spells Clear, Charm, and Poison. You get 3 spell slots, so let me know if you'd like different spells.

Gage - Knight - Fire
HP 127 MP 29 WT 500 STR 76 VIT 64 INT 66 MEN 71 AGI 79 DEX 76 LUK 50
Those other knights pounded you. One of them even hammered you from the back, it's okay though because our healers had you covered.

Logan - Warlock - Fire - Currently Exorcist
HP 128 MP 51 WT 504 STR 67 VIT 65 INT 84 MEN 73 AGI 66 DEX 75 LUK 49 
Since the enemy could actually do damage to us beyond the usual 1, you healed like a champ. I gave you both the life and clear staff we won at the end of the battle, so now you can heal and clear poison.

Peter - Terror Knight -  - Currently Beast Tamer
HP 143 MP 30 WT 483 STR 74 VIT 75 INT 68 MEN 76 AGI 93 DEX 82 LUK 50
You turned the most guys into item bags, so you were elected MVP at the end of the fight. This is good because soon I can stop using the tried and true "put the two terror knights in training in the front and let them kill everyone" strategy.

Jon - Berserker - Water
HP 136 MP 35 WT 490 STR 70 VIT 67 INT 67 MEN 76 AGI 80 DEX 82 LUK 50
Another cog in the machine, you hit some guys so they would be soft and pliable for our terror knights. I got another phlanka, so that's what you have now. You can change it if you want.

Sagar - Berserker - Fire
HP 137 MP 23 WT 503 STR 79 VIT 76 INT 65 MEN 75 AGI 67 DEX 75 LUK 50
In theory your axe was feared, because the only person who touched you used an 8-feet pole.

Jay - Octopus/Tiamat - Water - Octopus
Guess what I found at the store!

Now it's time to train you up.

Rob - Golem - -
They only sell one thing at a time at the recruit store, so I'm still waiting. I might just advance time until the store has a golem, because this is ridiculous.

Dylan - Terror Knight - Wind - Currently Ninja
HP 152 MP 25 WT 485 STR 80 VIT 76 INT 67 MEN 79 AGI 81 DEX 80 LUK 50
I was the one to fuck up this time. While attacking a wizard, he blocked a strike that had a 90% hit rate and survived an otherwise fatal encounter. He went on to heal himself and another unit, prolonging the battle. Way to go, me.

Gearing Up
Options for gear have opened up. Now there are different weapons for sale, each with ups and downs. I'm going to allow you to choose what you want, if you don't say anything then I'll just do what I want. Here's a description for the weapons:

Swords - Light, but less power than the rest of the weapons. One handed. There are more swords than any weapon in the game. Preferred weapon of Knight, Dragoon, and Dragon Tamer.
Spear - 2handed, relatively light and can attack two tiles. Can hit two enemies at once. Spears are the preferred weapon of the Valkyrie.
Hammer - Heaviest weapon in the game, competing with axes for highest attack power. Most hammers are 2handed except for the "heavy." Preferred weapon of the Lizard Man
Axe - Another heavy weapon with high damage potential. Preferred weapon of Berserkers and Terror Knights.
Long Bow - A 2handed ranged weapon, high damage and can be lobbed over obstacles. Preferred weapon of Archers.
Shield - A defensive item that dramatically increases chance to block, but is pretty heavy. Considered a direct attack weapon. When used on an enemy it has a large chance to push the target.

There's also different defensive apparel:
Chest Armor - Heaviest items, but has high defense value. Most classes can equip this
Robe - Light and increases magical attributes, only certain spell classes can equip this
Ring - Rings that increase attributes, mostly magical. Anyone can equip these
Boots - A lighter defensive item than Chest Armors, but does not protect as well.
Gauntlet - A defensive item that increases chance to block and I think improves attack power. Physical classes only
Helmet - another defensive item like boots

Characters can equip 1 chest piece, 1 helmet, 1 gauntlet, 1 boots, any number of rings.  Remember that characters only have 4 item slots, including consumable items and weapons. Characters can equip up to 2 1handed weapons. If you wanted to equip a sword and short bow, then you can do that. If you want to equip two staves, then you can also do that.

Weight - Each piece of equipment has a weight. The more weight a character has, the less often they take turns and the lower their chance to hit. This is offset by level and certain class attributes, which helps balance equipment on low level characters. Keep weight in mind when choosing your gear; stronger armor and weapons have higher weight.

Preferred Weapon - Some classes have a preferred weapon. Knights prefer swords, Berserkers prefer axes, etc. Using a preferred weapon in battle gives a greater chance to hit and more damage. However, having one isn't completely necessary. Maybe your class's weapon is too heavy and you want a lighter one or you like the advantage a spear gives you over a sword? It's up to you. If you need to know what your class prefers, let me know.

Items not yet available
Claw - Light one handed weapons, preferred weapon of Ninja.
Crossbow - A one handed, ranged weapon. Unlike the bow, it can only shoot in a straight line toward the target and can't be shot out of range, but it packs a punch.
Whip - 2handed weapon that can attack 2 tiles away, but unlike the spear it can't hit two enemies at once. Preferred weapon of Beast Tamers.

There are two common schools of spells: offense and support. The other school is dragon, but that doesn't come until chapter 4.Witches and Warlocks use support magic, Sirens and Wizards use offense magic. Each spell is aligned with an element. Most support magic has some effect, be it stun, poison, sleep, or whatever. Magic classes deal more damage or have higher chances to hit with a spell that matches their own element. The spell is also more effective.

Since you're both support classes, the current the spell options are:
Dark - Charm
Fire - Stun
Earth - Poison
Water - Clear (cures poison)
Wind - Storm (calls a storm)

Battle Report

This battle is a clear contrast to the last: we face Knights, Spellcasters, and Archers all equipped with gear more advanced than ours. If we were the proper level, this would have been a really tough fight and it has been for me in the past, but we pack a little punch with our level advantage. Everyone takes considerably more damage now that the enemies are catching up in level and have things like Heavy and Phlanka equipped. The Wizard was a particular pain in the ass because of his Life staff, which he can use to heal 50 points of health to himself or a target several times.

Neil is a fucking dick.                                                                 Fast??? He should be slow as hell!!!!

A critical! I hit her so hard she fell off the roof!                        Logins crashed on the highway to the danger zone.                    Peter turns yet another person into an item sack.

Gameplay note: When a character lands a critical strike, they do extra damage and push the target. Targets can fall down heights and if they fall far enough they take damage. If there's a bottomless pit, then they die! Downside to that is you don't get a tarot card or item bag.

Dylan raced ahead and took on the wizard while the rest of the army charged headlong into the front. The wizard would have been toast if Dylan didn't whiff a 90% attack, but he survived and ended up extending the battle a few more turns. That Life staff proved to be a huge pain and he healed himself and the archer a couple of times. Gage got pounded by the Knights and actually had to be healed. Logan reversed some scratches and bruises on Dylan and Gage with his mighty heal spell. After the knights went down from Peter's blade, it was just cleanup; Velika got in a few good Stun hits, immobilizing the enemy Witch and Archer.

Gage getting pounded from behind.                                        Velika scores a couple of stuns! Stunning!                        Josh takes advantage of the paralyzed girl...

Support spells have a 100% hit rate if the target is immobilized.       Sagar taking one for the team.                                     Logan heals all of the damage I suffered from that dick Niel.

Everyone either distracted the enemies long enough or softened them up enough for Peter to finish off. Peter was our MVP for this battle and gained a bonus level.

NEIL!!!!  Fuck you and the horse that you rid in.                       Peter should work at Macy's, for his bag turning ability.            Okay, Vice, whatever you say.         

The Story So Far
Leonard gave Denim an order to murder 5000 innocents to advance the Duke's agenda, to which Denim refused. Leonard informed him that he is a traitor by swinging his sword at him, nearly killing him if not for Denim's catlike reflexes. Kachua rushed to her brother and looked back to Vice, who had decided to give into his blood-lust and took on an evil demeanor. Funny how easy it was for Vice to do such a thing, I wonder what would have been if Denim chose the other option. Would they have been murder buddies, happily chopping and skewering their victims while holding hands and skipping to a tune? Who knows... *WINK*

No business in the war? Okay fine, I'll go home.                                                                                                                Geez, Leonard! You don't have to kill everyone who disappoints you...

At least Kachua and Vice care...                                              Certainly not a bloodthirsty murder-fiend!                            Who would listen to you? All you do is get us into whacky hijinks.

Same old Vice, right?                                                            Dude, why are you drooling all over your knife?                    So the cat comes out of the bag! Well you suck as a flunky!

They are trying to kill you, man. Try to use your noggin!

Leonard and Vice left to get their massacre on while Denim was left to fend off some Walsta soldiers. Afterward he tried to save the town, but with only Kachua at his side as well as Canopus and the rest of his personal army, he didn't stand a chance. This event caused massive amounts of people to join the Walsta army, which in turn allowed for Walsta to pretty much curb stomp Gargastan. The Duke decided for some reason to make Denim a scapegoat even though the whole point of the massacre was to make Gargastan look bad, so now Denim has a huge bounty on his head. Denim and Kachua are now in hiding.

You are dead, dead, dead. Thought you were hot? Guess what: you're not.                How is Denim going to talk himself out of this sticky situation!? Stay tuned for the next episode of Tactics Ogre!

Were you even paying attention?                                            I see partisan politics is no stranger in this land.                     No, it looks like he has a Barbatos on his head.
At the end of each chapter, you get a quote and then an expository cutscene on this map, where they go over some war-political mumbo-jumbo. Some dudes fight some guys, some blokes walk over a mountain. It's all very boring.

Um, okay, Denim. If that's what you want to name Chapter 2, be my guest.

Kachua attempts to convince Denim they should run away together, live happily as brother and sister in a not-at-all strange relationship. Keep this in mind, because it is a recurring thing throughout the story. Canopus barges in on their lovely emotional session they're having and informs them that Lans is nearby, so Kachua gets the idea in her head that he can possibly clear their name, so they head off.

Finally we're right about something.                                 No, Kachua! I'm going to fight Dark Knights. You don't tell me what to do!            At least Canopus isn't a dingle-head.

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