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Chapter 6 - Change of Forcas

Welcome back to another chapter in our exciting Tactics Ogre campaign.


Quick Summary

Vice thought he had us tricked, but Denim is no fool and we thwarted his attempt on our lives. Aloser joined us after learning of the truth and we had nowhere to go, except maybe Krizar City for some reason. We rescue a knight named Forcas, who pleads with us to save his friend Byan. That was not a typo, the names in this game are just that great! Forcas and Byan plead with us to save their friend Sisteena! Remember her? Then we are asked to stop by ANOTHER fort and talk to their leader Selye.

The enemy has caught up to us and now combat is a matter of a couple of attacks before things get fatal. I've trained everyone up to level 12, a single level makes a huge difference as we're about to see.

You might notice all of the dang DRAGONS I have in the army now. There is a little thing in the shop called Auction. Auctioning an L sized creature of level 20 at certain locations allows you to purchase rare items in the shop, for instance: I auction a lvl 20 Red Dragon at Coritani Castle, in the shop there will be a single Fire Sword available. Each dragon sword has the dragon slay innate and are fairly powerful elemental weapons. Paired up with the aligned element character, it becomes a force to be reckoned with. So I have each color dragon that I plan on auctioning for the different weapons.

Unit Spotlight - Ninja  in game footage
"Ugh, another unrelated class" you're probably thinking; well it's just like the beast tamer in its importance! Ninja are speedy characters who rely on their huge movement bonus and quickness to get the upper hand. They're extremely versatile: they have the attack+ command, which allows them to attack twice if they have 2 1handed weapons equipped, they have a high jump attribute making them able to equip a bow and get the height advantage, and they can equip single target attack spells like Incubus. Ninja has the highest DEX/AGI growth of the male classes, which is necessary to level characters a few times in this class in order to make their attacks hit more often, enemy attacks hit less often, and allow their spells to land. They're flimsy though, so a ninja should be used strictly to assassinate squishy characters like mages and archers. Ninja's preferred weapon is the claw, a weak, but light weapon. Every male character was a ninja at some point, but currently Dylan and Denim are our resident ninja. A certain character whose name rhymes with lice has the class of Warrior, which is a souped up Ninja.

Brian - Lizard Man - Water
HP 165 MP 4 STR 101 VIT 86 INT 57 MEN 84 AGI 91 DEX 76 LUK 50
You still serve an important role as our slugger. Not much has changed aside from your level.

Sagar - Berserker - Fire
HP 157 MP 29 STR 92 VIT 89 INT 73 MEN 89 AGI 77 DEX 88 LUK 50
Your axe hits slightly less harder than Brian's hammer, but that doesn't mean you haven't been useful in dealing damage and soaking it up. In fact you haven't been in much danger even in the thick of the enemy.

Jon - Berserker - Water
HP 156 MP 40 STR 85 VIT 79 INT 77 MEN 90 AGI 89 DEX 94 LUK 50
You're in the same boat as Sagar, but you seem a little more popular with the enemy's show and tell sessions.

Peter - Terror Knight -  Earth - Currently Beast Tamer
HP 153 MP 30 STR 81 VIT 83 INT 75 MEN 81 AGI 98 DEX 91 LUK 50
You're almost to 30 kills, but still a few levels away from Terror Knight. I got a whip in a battle and gave it to you, because it has the highest damage potential for you.

Josh - Dragoon - Earth - Currently Beast Tamer
HP 150 MP 28 STR 84 VIT 84 INT 76 MEN 86 AGI 97 DEX 95 LUK 53
You're still a tank, but I found you get hit fairly often with status magic. In the third battle in this chapter you were stunned twice, pretty much taking you entirely out of the battle.

Kay - Witch - Earth
HP 143 MP 50 STR 77 VIT 71 INT 84 MEN 88 AGI 88 DEX 94 LUK 50
You now have a crossbow, are you happy? Don't expect to use it much, but it's there when I feel like popping out some more damage. Typically I have you charm stuff instead, since that's way more powerful.

Logan - Warlock - Fire - Currently Exorcist
HP 142 MP 64 STR 75 VIT 77 INT 100 MEN 85 AGI 73 DEX 86 LUK 49
You're a life saver, seeming to get your turn just when I need it. Keep this up and I might give you an achievement.

Gage - Knight - Fire
HP 146 MP 32 STR 92 VIT 76 INT 77 MEN 82 AGI 89 DEX 88 LUK 50
Good job in keeping your title as most endangered person in my army! I'm losing track of all the close calls, but you did block a bolt to the face that would have killed you.

Jay - Octopus/Tiamat - Water - Thunder Dragon
HP 177 MP 0 STR 145 VIT 90 INT 77 MEN 113 AGI 65 DEX 56 LUK 50
I'm sorry, but I bought a thunder dragon and made it your character. The octopus is still there, but realistically speaking, I need you to be a dragon, because they're more useful in most of the battles than the octo. If you really want me to keep you as an octopus I will, but for now you're a thunder dragon until I get the requisite kill count to turn you into a tiamat. Hell, I'll deploy you as an octo in any map that has reasonable water placement.

Rob - Golem - Wind
HP 102 MP 0 STR 139 VIT 106 INT 60 MEN 95 AGI 47 DEX 50 LUK 50
I got so sick of running back and forth between town and the fort then checking the shop that I just said "Fuck it" and cheated you in. You're a Wind Element Golem now and caught up with the rest of us. Don't worry, I didn't cheat your stats or anything, just the L-size creature unit. Your hit rate is abysmal, but you can take a hit.

Dylan - Terror Knight - Wind - Currently Ninja
HP 160 MP 32 STR 86 VIT 81 INT 73 MEN 85 AGI 89 DEX 87 LUK 50
It's getting harder for me to kill stuff with these dumb short swords. Good thing I got a matou in the last battle.

Battle Report

Battle 1 - Krizar City
Deployed: Jon, Peter, Josh, Velika, Logan, Brian, Sagar, Dylan, Gage
We lure a single knight into our lines and beat the crap out of him, with Josh getting the kill. Dylan puts one of them to sleep with Incubus while Brian sneaks around them to engage the knight on the other side. The enemy wizard takes shots at us from a distance and forces us to divide our healing. Gage charges down the center and is brought to a single HP...again! He almost meets his demise, but blocks the point blank crossbow bolt to the face! This allows us to heal him with items and spells.

Velika gets a charm off and accidentally charms Brian, but I'm not sure what the consequences of that are, I think it just makes them autobattle. The bulk of the enemy forces bottleneck in the center, where we whittle them down from the front and flank. Jon gives death from above and Gage gets revenge on his assailants. We got lucky with items in this one, we got some advanced weapons like Slender and Crossbow! Velika gets some more charms in, which neuter the enemy at this point. After that we beat the rest down and get the victory, with complete enemy annihilation.

Battle 2 - Fort Kadoriga
Deployed: Jon, Peter, Josh, Velika, Logan, Brian, Sagar, Dylan, Gage

This battle sucks, because if the guy you're trying to save is killed, he's killed for good! To make things worse, if you're too low level, the enemy will bee-line for Byan and Byan will charge up to leader to cast spells, which is stupid! Good thing we're level 12, because we get to the enemy faster, forcing them to focus on us and allowing Byan to make the smart decision and retreat instead of advance.

An enemy ninja runs to us right off the bat and Brian gives him a good "hammer-to-skull" demonstration. Velika can't get a single charm off and the rest of our army gets stuck at the incline while the enemy beats on us for a bit. Dylan is petrified by the cockatrice and nearly killed, but some well-timed heals save him. I hate Forcas, because he has a tendency to kill the weak units. Byan also steals a kill, but at least stays at a safe distance, like a good wizard should. Logan heals Dylan's petrify status with his Clear Staff and we quickly erase everyone else from existence.

One of our trophies is an undead ring, an unusual item to get from a Cockatrice, don't you think? This is pretty much useless to us since no one wants to be a Lich.

Battle 3 - Fort Damsa
Deployed: Jay, Jorshe, Josh, Jon, Sagar, Velika, Logan, Peter, Brian

For this battle I deployed both of our L-size dudes: Jay and Jorshe(Rob). This battle is on a map which favors the enemy and has a bad choke-point. To make things worse, the enemies mostly have bows and magic.

Josh gets stunned right off the bat, then got stunned again later, taking him out for the majority of the battle. Our berserkers were in the most danger, so most heals went to them. Velika's charms didn't work at all and the only thing she succeeded in was clearing poison from Sagar. Byan was retarded and decided to go for the single enemies with his AOE spell instead of the perfect grouping of them. Forcas focused on stealing kills.

Everyone else pulled their weight, doing lots of damage and whatever else they could. Jorshe and Jay got a kill. Brian did well not to steal the kills from our kill needers, getting some high damage in. I tried to have Peter attack an enemy standing much higher than the adjacent ally, but the attack wouldn't skip Denim. On the bright side the enemy Peter intended to kill came over and was killed by his subsequent counter-attack.  Good job!

The Story So Far
With Vice out of the picture for the moment we have a breathing period, so our heroes decide to go to Krizar City for some reason. When we arrive we find a lone knight help prisoner. Does this sound familiar? After a pleasant skirmish with some pink colored knights, we find a man named Forcas. He claims to not be of the Walsta Liberation Army, but of the Valerian Liberation Front. Very confusing! Before we board our boat to wherever it is we're going, Forcas begs us to consider rescuing his friend at Kadoriga. Denim agrees, much to Kachua's bitching and moaning, and they head off to Fort Kadoriga. If you recall, we went there before to fight a necromancer in an unfair height advantage. This does not change, but here we must rescue an idiot Wizard named Byan from a Berserker and some ninja.
Here comes the asshole brigade.                                         You don't say? Are you a dick like the last knight?        I see Kachua has some competition

I see Forcas was a great choice of allies. Competent!                Your friend's name is Byan? Does he like didneylan??!!            I wish I had...          
We save yet another suicidal NPC from certain death and try to get on a boat again. Before we can say "smell ya later" the two comrades ask us to stop by Fort Damsa to save their friend Sisteena. What is with the forts anyway? After arriving at Damsa, the enemy leader Valkyrie complains about us killing her overweight husband (the berserker) and attacks us. We pound her and her army to a pulp, then meet Sisteena. She remembers us, then the three of our guests ask us to stop by another fort, if it's not too much trouble. It's on the way to our destination and everything! Ugh. Let's go see Selye.

Finally, someone who doesn't repeat everything ad-nausea!        Yeah, Kachua, I'm the BAUSS.                                              Denim is really excited about doing errands for a stupid wizard and his inept knight friend.

Or else I'm gonna cry REAL HARD!!!!                                        Everyone loves to tell everyone else to shut up.                      I see Kachua has taken her huge bitch pills today