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Chapter 9 - Here We Go Again On Our Own

Quick Summary
Denim and Vice duke it out in the Duke's castle, but Leonard interrupts them and informs everyone that Bacrum and the Dark Knights have taken Rime. He asks Denim to rejoin them and let bygones be bygones; just obey Ronway's orders and we'll forget you ever had a conscience! Denim takes a long hard two seconds to think about this and tells them to fuck off. Leonard is awfully nice about this, but really will kill anyone when it suits him. Our hero rescues his sister and heads back into hiding.

After that Walsta is not doing so well, they're dealing with insurgency from the large amount of hate they've garnered. In order to bolster morale (or moral, as the game puts it) the Duke rallies his army to attack Bacrum and places a higher price on Denim's head. Our main man is in hiding, but decides to move out of Ashton, due to the danger he faces, fighting off mercenaries and head-hunters on his way to Coritani. There we battle against Zaebos, the knight of some sort of consequence. Kachua has one of her classic hissy-fits and leaves us.

The Army
I had to train everyone up to 18 to deal with the battle inside Coritani, because those guys were murdering us like nothing with their level advantage. Everyone is at their class goal, so now we can really dig into some strategies. You may notice your LUK value has been changing. In battle enemies have a chance at dropping attribute cards, when picked up they typically increase the value of the given attribute, but luck cards are different. Instead of just increasing LUK, they have a chance at lowering LUK. I've had a pretty abysmal LUK up rate this campaign, so that's why some of you are LUK 48. If you were wondering, LUK governs the character's likelihood of performing critical attacks and whether or not an enemy drops an attribute card or an item bag.

Dragoon is an advanced male class in Tactics Ogre. It requires a N aligned character and the high attributes the rest of them typically require. They're the game's token dragon-slayers, having an innate Dragon Slay buff which increases the damage they do to dragons by 150%. Don't be fooled though, they pack a mean punch against non-dragons. Dragoons have the highest STR growth in the game among generic classes and 2nd or 3rd highest DEX, competing with Knights. On top of this, if they're given a weapon with the dragon-slay quality, then it stacks and they get extra extra dragon-killing power! But that's not all, they also have a single spell slot, allowing them to equip an attack spell, but Incubus is the goto for most non-magic classes as they'll probably be doing jack squat for magic damage. Our resident Dragoon is Josh.

Josh - Dragoon - Earth
HP 204 MP 28 STR 132 VIT 125 INT 99 MEN 120 AGI 122 DEX 136 LUK 53
You have achieved class of Dragoon and as such, you're my designated dragon killer. Since you were the first to reach an advanced class, at level 16, you get the achievement Early Riser. So far you've been clobbering people, especially the couple of times you killed dragons. Incubus is in your possession, but you have yet to use it. When I get to Brigantes Castle, I'll see if I can get you a Dragon Sword, a 2handed sword with the dragon slay ability.

Logan - Warlock - Fire
HP 186 MP 103 STR 99 VIT 110 INT 144 MEN 121 AGI 101 DEX 118 LUK 49
Forget your healing days, you are now a Warlock. Since you're the Fire element, you now carry the Stun spell, Heat, and Charge. Heat boosts a weapon's damage output, which is nice. Charge is a funny spell, it sacrifices your MP to give MP to someone else, but you can self-target and reap benefits. There is absolutely no downside to that, you can cast charge until you're at full MP and go nuts! So far you've done well with all of your spells, stunning when I need it and boosting damage where it counts.

Peter - Earth - Terror Knight
HP 207 MP 30 STR 124 VIT 128 INT 102 MEN 117 AGI 130 DEX 128 LUK 48
Hail Satan, you're now a Terror(ist) Knight. I gave you an axe and you're doing tons of damage to those you manage to get to. Your terrify ability works fairly well on anyone not C aligned, but you're still rather vulnerable if you get surrounded. I forget the exact auction locations, but at some point I'll get to the city where I can obtain the earth axe.

Jay - Octopus/Tiamat - Wind - Black Dragon
HP 228 MP 0 STR 197 VIT 124 INT 98 MEN 148 AGI 80 DEX 75 LUK 50
I made a mistake and hired you as a L-aligned dragon, making you unable to switch to Dark Dragon, but wait! Gameshark came in and saved me a whole lot of tedium, so you are the correct alignment, allowing me to change you to Dark Dragon. I'm sorry I had to resort to that, but I didn't cheat anything else, just that one mistake, everything else was legitimately earned. Your breath attack is toxic breath, which charms enemies for some reason. The weird thing is that it charms nearly every time, I haven't seen it not charm someone yet. You roll with Brian and Ashley (now a dragon tamer) as the Dragon Squad. Ashley gives nearby dragons a boost in offensive power, so you're hitting like a ton of masonry.

Brian - Lizard Man - Water
HP 221 MP 4 STR 143 VIT 122 INT 72 MEN 123 AGI 129 DEX 107 LUK 48
You also roll with Jay with the Dragon Squad. Even when you got hit with a pow down debuff, you still did a bunch of damage while standing next to Ashley. In the Coritani Gate battle I obtained the Galdia fan, which has a chance to charm enemies, but it's classified as a hammer so I'm giving it to you. Lizard Man with a Fan.

Velika - Witch - Earth
HP 183 MP 78 STR 106 VIT 103 INT 118 MEN 128 AGI 126 DEX 133 LUK 50
Along came Sally...we killed her viciously and acquired the Healing Rain spell, I equipped it on you because we don't have any AOE heals. If you don't want this, then I'll put poison back on you, but for now you have it. I've been switching you between witch and archer for the level ups, because while you need DEX to hit targets, you also need MP and INT to boost the power of your healing rain.

Gage - Knight - Fire -
HP 197 MP 38 STR 138 VIT 113 INT 104 MEN 114 AGI 114 DEX 128 LUK 50
Your offensive power increased a little, so you're doing decent damage, especially now that you're toting a Balder sword. Attacks manage to find their way around your evade rate though, so you still get slapped around like pizza dough. Could you try blocking something with that expensive shield I just bought you? Come on! I have started mixing beast tamer levels in so you're not so squishy.

Jon - Berserker - Water
HP 217 MP 52 STR 123 VIT 113 INT 101 MEN 131 AGI 122 DEX 132 LUK 50
Still a Berserker, but now with some Dragoon levels added in for some extra kick. I'm a little worried though, as Berserkers tend to fall off the defensive side a bit in the late game. Hopefully we clear this and I can build you somewhat logically.

Sagar - Berserker - Fire
HP 215 MP 45 STR 133 VIT 128 INT 93 MEN 129 AGI 111 DEX 127 LUK 50
There's a special NPC who drops a fire elemental axe that I want to give you, but I think that's in chapter 4. Until then, you're still swinging that Phlanka around and cleaving stuff. I think since you're C-Aligned, I can't change you into any advanced classes, so I'll mix some ninja levels in to lower your weight and increase your AGI and DEX some more.

Rob - Golem - Wind
HP 132 MP 0 STR 183 VIT 134 INT 81 MEN 130 AGI 63 DEX 69 LUK 50
Now that we have a Warlock, you can hit a little harder, but it's difficult managing both of your positions since you're so slow. I'll figure it out, but you still do a good job soaking up physical damage. Magic does crazy things to you, but good thing you've got 4 item slots. You have the lowest HP of anyone and that's the real danger, so I'll try getting some HP up cards for you.

Dylan - Terror Knight - Wind
HP 206 MP 0 STR 177 VIT 110 INT 89 MEN 134 AGI 75 DEX 67 LUK 50
I'm also a Terror Knight, go figure.

Battle Report

Damn, the game didn't even let us manage or train the army before we were accosted by scoundrels looking to make a quick fortune. We faced the nameless berserker named Gannon. This was a tough one, because the enemy had a level up on us. We had the height advantage so I guess that evened things out. I took the cautious approach and put our non-tank Berserker Jon in the middle path to block the enemy's approach. The biggest threats were the two griffons that can fly and  have that danged ranged attack. Velika used JUMP to put Ashley on top of a building so she could snipe mofos, good thinking! The rest was a waiting game, mostly to see how slowly I could churn out damage. For some reason Pedasos the Griffon made a fatal error and landed in melee range of the left side guys. Jay and Josh finished him off. Jon got a necessary level from a kill, which saved his life due to increased attributes and Velika got a charm to land on the dragon, who pow downed the leader. A couple of tanks and kills later, Velika lands ANOTHER charm on three units, one of which ends the battle prematurely with a crossbow bolt to the much weakened Gannon. Lucky for us.

The first battle to test out team Dragon Squad, by this point Ashley was a Dragon Tamer, making nearby dragons stronger. Brian and Jay rolled with her through the whole thing and wreak havoc. I tried out Logan's new Warlock spells and abilities, but did not get much of a chance to use them, the terrain was difficult and it was hard to synergize him with Jorshe. Please excuse the length, I was TRYING to get Peter some STR up cards, but alas it did not happen. The Siren was carrying Grease shoes, which allow characters to walk on water like ninja, but the enemy landed on her bag square, so we didn't get it. We DID get heal rain, which was good.

We start out strong, with lots of first strike damage, stuns, and charms. One of the charmed valkyries finished off the siren for us. Logan's stun rate was satisfactory and many enemies were taken out of the fight. Overall, it was one-sided. Death was systematic and we finished the fight with total enemy casualties.

I had a leg up on the enemy here, because we needed to be level appropriate for the battle afterward. It doesn't matter; this battle was supposed to be easy. We faced the elite guards of Coritani: a Siren with the Galdia fan (hammer), 2 dragons, some berserkers, 2 archer hawk men, and the mighty wizards Junk and Boner. At this point in the game Wizards become a huge threat due to their spells' huge AOE range and damage. Team Dragon Squad and Jon headed up to the bridge on the right to take on the Siren and her retinue while the rest of us crossed the river on the left. I had Sagar attempt to tank the upper path while Josh and Dylan went across the lower path, but he was immediately sent to critical health so Gage swapped places with him. Logan was useful in stunning the dragon, but the Hawk Man was still a threat. Junk dished out some pain to us with his Meteor spell, but retreated to the small island with no escape route. I had Denim snipe the Hawk Man.

Meanwhile, Dragon Squad took on the fire dragon and crew. Jon did respectable damage to the dragon, but he was put to sleep by Boner. Ashley prioritized Boner and killed him fast. It's a good time to note that Ashley's dragon buff was making Brian and Jay's damage ridiculous; even when hit with pow down, Brian still did close to 100 damage. Jay's toxic breath charmed the dragon and Brian's hammer ended it. We allowed some time to heal up and finish off the rest of the enemy. Gage did the unthinkable and one hit killed Junk the Wizard, ultimately ending any difficulty down on the left side. However, Dragon Squad was having some health issues, so they stopped the offensive and healed up. Eventually the enemies were routed and the Siren dissolved in Jay's toxic breath.

What a battle, probably the hardest one we've faced yet. Even at the appropriate level, our guys were getting their asses kicked. Here we faced Zaebos and his personal guard of hard hitting knights, 2 wizards, a dragon, valkyries with crossbows, and 2 clerics. They have the advantage with ranged attacks. The two wizards were problematic: on this narrow pathway we didn't have much room to maneuver, so we ended up getting clobbered with big AOE attacks. If I did any damage to them with our two bow-shooters, the clerics would heal them. It was the clerics that made this battle as bad as it was. If it wasn't for some completely stupid decisions on the enemy's part, we'd have been done for.

We started out cautious, making our way along the 3 squares wide bridge. The wizards nailed us with spells, but we used healing items and healing rain to brush it off. Denim missed an important shot on the more powerful wizard and nearly got us killed. It was fortunate on our part that one of the knights took the bate and got himself flank-busted to death, allowing Peter to sneak around and stab one of the wizards, which Ashley finished off. Velika's charm spell would not last when it landed. Logan stunned a valkyrie and wizard, allowing some breathing room. He almost bit it, but Dick the knight decided to thrust at Jorshe instead for some reason, even though he had the perfect opportunity to stick it to our warlock. Jorshe healed himself from the brink of death with his last cure+. Velika's healing rain put Sagar and Brian back in the fight.

Eventually we got the upper hand and slowly killed the remaining valkyries and dragon. Peter attempted to murder the clerics, but their heals were too annoying, it is still funny watching him chase that poor girl around. Brian pounds Dick to death and the rest of us try not to die to Zaebos' powerful fury. Sagar had a whopping 4 HP left at one point and if not for some strange choices of movement destination, he'd not be around. The two clerics were too much for Peter and Jorshe, who could not out damage their heals before Jay killed Zaebos by breathing on him.

The Story So Far
We left off during our duel with Vice. Leonard busted in to tell us that Rime has fallen and the Dark Knights are attacking Walsta. No one knew the whereabouts of Lans and things were looking grim. He asked Denim to put aside his differences and help out, promising that they'd forgive Denim for the not-crimes he committed in exchange for obedience to the Duke. Denim refused, calling Leonard a slave. The Knight of Stupidity gave him some dumb diatribe about the nature of war and human beings. Denim was confused, but Leonard was perfectly reasonable, suspiciously reasonable, and told Denim to take his sister and go see the world for himself.

Really? They're not going to kill Denim for not wanting to be evil? Vice REAAAAAALLLY wanted to kill Denim, but Leonard assured him that he'd take care of it. So that's how it's going to be?

Afterward the game does that end of chapter war map thing where the walsta and bacrum positions are places and people are doing things and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Basically Duke Ronway was having some issues with insurgency groups, but meant to bolster "moral" by rallying the troops to attack Bacrum. Meanwhile, he placed a higher bounty on Denim and sent Leonard out to kill him, again. Denim went into hiding, but decided to move out of Ashton since his position was probably known. Hell, he got ambushed there before.

Yes, another great chapter subtitle

Barbas is reprimanded for attacking the Zenobians, but chocks it up to Cardinal Brantin's orders...they know he's a terrible liar. Vice comes in talking some mad shit and generally acting like a complete retard, "The Dark Knights of dog-piss are welcoming me." Yes, Vice, say that to the 6 powerful boss-class characters surrounding your ninja ass. Nearly getting himself killed with his crazy shit-talk, he reveals he has something planned, but we don't see it. Instead we're treated to yet another one of Kachua's piss tantrums, this time about Denim not wanting to help out the Duke. I swear there's no way to make that girl happy. How? I bet if we didn't ever disobey the Duke she'd be throwing the same whiny baloney. They're interrupted by another dumb ass mercenary trying to cut off Denim's head and turn it into Goth.

Denim decides to head to Coritani Castle for some reason, having more murder-journeys involving stupid thugs and the swords that do pierce their faces. At Coritani he crashes the gate and battles some guy named Zaebos for some reason that I still can't figure out. I guess Zaebos is a bad guy who tries to make Denim feel something about having to kill people in a war. Denim makes quick work out of his guard, but the Knight escapes.
Denim has a nice conversation with a gentle ninja, who informs him that Zaebos fled to Brigantes castle and is planning on executing some people. This alarms Denim and he makes ready to take Brigantes. Next we see Kachua having her usual bitch-fest fuck-fits with Denim, this time she's leaving FOR GOOD! I choose the "You're selfish" option, because that seems to be the logical thing. Kachua turns this around and says we're the ones who are selfish, because we don't consider her feelings. Oh I see, that makes perfect sense. We put the good of others above just one person, that is selfish. I apologize. Sorry that I couldn't stop at Krizar along the way for dumb emotional tampons.

Denim tells her that they still haven't avenged their father's death, but Kachua reveals that their "father" is actually their adoptive father, making her whole infatuation with him a little less creepy, but not by much. It's still creepy as fuck. She quotes Vader, then tells us we are abandoning her, even though she's walking out on us. We're here only family, but she's leaving. What the actual fuck, Kachua? Good riddance. Goodbye. Don't get your rotten vagina caught on the gate on your way out.

Fuck that woman.