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Throughout the story we will meet many people with different personalities and backgrounds. I'll document them here:

Our main hero. He hails from Walsta, is best friends with Vice, and his sister is Kachua. Just recently he watched as the Dark Knights slaughtered his village and took away his father. He loves not making choices without our input and showing everyone in the world his stabs. Kachua is his one and true love, which I feel is a little weird, but it's okay - you'll see why in a few chapters. Denim is a pseudo blank-slate character, he starts out with alignment N and changes based on what choices the player makes. Later on he has a chance to become the Lord class, the best class in the game, but that depends on what we do. In the PSP version his name is spelled "Denam."

After asked to massacre an entire town, he is made a scapegoat and goes into hiding. He tries to clear his name, but is thrown this-way-and-that by ne'er-doer-wells. He is asked by Leonard to rejoin the Walsta army after Bacrum attacks them, but refuses and continues to be a fugitive. He's trying to right some wrongs in the world.

Denim's sister. She is a priestess of whatever the light element is and is very mad about her father being taken away. Everything makes her mad and all she wants in life is to live her life out with Denim. Throughout the game she tags along with our army, casts Heal on whomever she decides needs it, and wears weird looking pajamas. Personally I don't like her, but she grows on you. She sticks by Denim's side through thick and thin, no matter what, never changing ever, never ever.
Turns out she doesn't and leaves Denim after making a huge scene and throwing a giant bitch-fit.

Denim's best friend. He's rude, crude, and has an attitude. Very passionate about the state of Walsta, he fights with Denim in the Walsta Liberation Army as a Knight under the Duke. He's a huge prick and has a tendency to make polarized choices. After Denim refused to kill a bunch of people, Vice went full-retard with his bloodthirst.

Lans Hamilton
An exiled Paladin from Zenobia, he leads a band of his close friends who are all also exiled. His wife died long ago and all he has to keep himself fighting is a music box that plays a pretty cool song. He wields the mighty sword Zenobia and is the Paladin class, a thing you can't get in this version of the game. After a duel with Barbas, he is presumed missing.

One of Lans' buddies, he is a White Knight and is in the same circumstances as the rest of his pals. He's a badass that wields Isleberg, a two-handed sword that destroys fools. At Rime he saves Denim from Martym, last seen unconscious on a battlefield with Nybas walking toward him.

Another White Knight, he is Guidus' best bud and wields the sword Desert.

Warren Moon
Is it strange that an old, powerful wizard would be exiled along with the other exiled elite knights of Zenobia? Not to me. Warren is a Lord Mancer and is potentially one of the most powerful spellcasters in the game, too bad you only fight with him a few times in the beginning of the game. He knows more than he lets on.

The Eagle Man...or chicken man according to some. He's a badass winged dude from Zenobia who fights with Lans and the rest. His class is Eagle Man; he joins us fairly early on and befriends Denim quickly. He's good with a spear and has a few ranged abilities, which use HP to cast. Overall cool guy.

Duke Ronway
The Duke of Amorika castle, Denim and Co. rescue him alongside the Zenobians, who just kind of help (not really.) Canopus rightly refers to him as Wrongway, but that remains to be seen. He's a competent tactician and strengthens the Walsta Liberation Army with relatively low numbers.

Knight Leonard
The Knight who couldn't. He lost most of his allies to Necromancer Nybas and was about to become a zombie until Denim showed up. For some reason Duke Ronway put all of his trust into this asshole and let him be in charge of everything. Leonard prefers to use an axe for some reason and follows orders to the letter, even if those orders are questionable.

A friendly exorcist we take into our ranks while saving Leonard. He's handy with exorcisms and doesn't do much beyond the first mission we recruit him in. Honestly I don't even know why I bothered with this entry.

A necromancer who shows up out of the blue in the first chapter. He loves the undead and can turn into a bat. More to come with this guy...

A valkyrie of the Valerian Liberation Front. We save her ass on our way to Swan Castle and while Denim tries to reason with her, the rest of the company doesn't like her associates. She has 3 other sisters who look similar.

Lans Tartare
No, not a pile of raw Lanses, he is the leader of the Dark Knights of Lodis. He lost an eye to Lans Hamilton in a duel and seems to be rather dignified for an evil bastard. He got his own game on Gameboy Advance called Tactics Ogre Knight of Lodis.

One of Lans' Dark Knight Temple Commandos. He's extremely violent and values power above all else. Last seen engaging Lans Hamilton in a duel.

Another Dark Knight. His highest trait is his arrogance, but it's justified in his skill with a sword. Nearly got the drop on Denim if not for Guildus' last second save. Hinted that he defeated Guildus in their duel.

A Knight of the Valeria Liberation Front. Denim and Kachua rescue him from the Gargastan in Krizar. We rescue his friends Byan and Sisteena, he later joins us after we meet Selye.

A Wizard of the VLF. Forcas convinces Denim to rescue him. He joins us after we meet Selye.

The leader of the Valeria Liberation Front. She is determined to see through her plan to assassinate the leaders of the war: Branta, Barbatos, and Ronway.

A mercenary Berserker under the employ of Duke Ronway. He's mean, nasty, smells a bit, and has a crush on Kachua. He's been a major thorn in Denim's side for the majority of Chapter 2 and captured Kachua to lure Denim into a trap.

An older Dark Knight under Lans Tartare's command, he seems the most reasonable of all of them aside from Lans. Has a past with a man named Harborym.

A knight Denim faces in Coritani Castle. After defeating him, he retreats to Brigantes to execute some guys.