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Wizardry 6 - Part 2

Today we're exploring the Jail. At least, that's what I'm going to call it because the gates open with the JAILER'S KEY, which I've given to Brother Jon - along with all the rest of the keys. He is the Keymaster.

Are you the Gatekeeper?

Things go well at first - this first cell is empty, and the second just contains an already dead guy.

Poor guy. Died in the Jail of some rotted out old castle. If we were a moral sort we'd leave this poor bastard in peace.

We're not.
<3 grave robbing.
    "Many of the pages are too stained to be read, but the final portion of it appears legible, if you could find a way to understand the unusual marks."

This is probably going to be useful later on. So we're going to take it. We'll give that to Cantor Jeff, along with...
taking the deadman's log... huhuhuhuh

wait... what is that? A Harmonium?

Pictured, a harmonium:
Okay sure, we'll take that too. Cantor Jeff's a bard, this makes sense.

Moving on...

I forgot that I had already opened door #3 earlier (pre-Part I) because I saw a treasure chest and got greedy. It's been a week or two so I don't recall precisely what was in it. Treasure, I think. Maybe a sword and some potions.

We slowly clear the rest of the cells, running into no further trouble. There's another dead guy, but searching him turns up nothing. There are a bunch of gates in here that don't seem to open with the JAILER'S KEY, or any of the other keys in my inventory, so it's time to move on from the Jail.

Trying to remember where I can go next, I found the poster from the guy in the southeast (??) tower, L'Montes, who is looking for "SNOOPCHERI". Interesting.

In the same room, there's this mouse hole:

That's really interesting... if only I had something I could put in a mouse hole...
You'll be seeing this a lot.
of course BRAD had the ROTTEN CHEESE...

Thanks for holding on to that ROTTEN CHEESE all this time, Shugenja Brad.

And now we fight 2 FAT RATS, 6 RATS (which weren't identified yet - they turn out to be KILLER RATS), and 7 RABID RATS. This is a really difficult fight, so we might be coming back later after we've leveled up a bit more to handle this...
Of course I die first. Those FAT RATS hate me.
Yep. At this stage of the game it is very difficult to resurrect a character, and they miss out on all the experience until you do, if one person dies it's time to re-load.
At least Jeff gets to try out his new Harmonium:
I think I would be too.
Huh, so that's what it does.

Anyway, we all die, and that's about going to wrap up this update while I go look up where I really should be going next...
Hello, old friend.

Part 2