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Wizardry 6 - Part I

Since this is kind of a catch-up update, I'll just give you the basics. I haven't played in a week or two, and I wasn't taking a lot of screenshots at first so it's a bit bare.

The game starts out really difficult, and a lot of the early hours are just leveling up your dudes and make sure you don't die instantly. First level monsters like bats, rats, and so on can easily kill you in the first round of combat if you're unlucky. We've basically been wandering around in the entrance hall and basement, killing shit for a while and trying to explore, which means trying to pick locks. It's pretty painful this early since we don't have a proper thief, and I've had to save scum a bit to get my dude to actually pick locks so he gains points in "Skulduggery". That's the lockpicking and trap-disarming skill. Many of the skills have weird names like this.

The entrance hall and basement part of the castle looks kinda like this:

We'll be seeing a lot of this decor, until we leave the castle. There's also these weird thumping and scratching sounds that play constantly in the background. I believe it's meant to be the old creaks and groans of old buildings and scurrying of rats with maracas.

It ends up sounding a bit like minimalist techno: The old built-in "PC Speaker" that was used before regular digital audio was available wasn't designed to do ambient background sounds, but at least they tried. Some of the audio they get later in combat (which we'll see plenty of) is actually pretty impressive considering the technical limitations at the time.

Anyway, we've been wandering around and killing shit, we met a weird rogue dude name QUEEQUEG (fortunately his dialog is a lot better than Herman Melville's, see below). He sells shit, and we got a chance to upgrade some of our armor and weapons (most of us started with Robes and generally bad stuff). Cantor Jeff got a bow so he can attack things from the back row now. QUEEQUEG also really tries to sell you on this "bargain" MYSTERY OIL for $1000, which of course we buy since he said it was a bargain (and the walkthrough said to).

This is the weirdest way to greet customers:
What is this, Stealth Jew?
Not pictured: A Bargain.

In exploring the basement, we found a bunch of strange things that seem like they'll be useful later, like ROTTEN CHEESE, some various posters with info and so on. This was a week or two ago so unfortunately I can't get easy screenshots. There's a crazy guy in one of the towers named L'Montes who is looking for something, I can't recall what right now. There's some poisoned fountains (thanks) and a few storerooms and so on.

We're just getting ready to tackle the Jail, there's a bunch of these small cells, and I assume they all contain bad dudes and maybe treasure or something. We are probably going to die a lot.

I'll post the results of the Jail in Part 2, so I can finish this page and then link everything.

Part I
Part 2