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Wizardry VI - Part 4

After a long delay, it's finally back! Yay!

To get back up to speed, the last update was spent exploring the basement, gaining some levels and generally getting ready to go back and fight those exploding giant rats:

Last time we fought them, there was a lot of this:
Ow! Why me?

And a lot of this:

We really didn't do well. However, this time I decided I ought to be a little bit more prepared, so after exploring a bit and killing a few things (not pictured: grinding, I think Dylan and Peter leveled up but sadly no new titles), I decided to pay our old friend QUEEQUEG a visit.

He had some things I wanted:
Hello Dad! Hello Mom! Ch-ch-ch-ch-

These things are rad, they basically let any character cast a pretty high damage single-target spell, similar to a Power Level 5 or 6 Energy Blast. Good stuff.

I get Brad, Jon and Peter hooked up with one each. We're gonna go make those rats literally explode this time.

And so back to the wall, the cheese, and so on:

Of course. But this time I'm not giving up, I'm going to whoop those rats, and I'm not even going to take the difficulty down from EXPERT.

Anyway, it takes many many many tries, but we finally nail it:
Make Wounds kicks ass, best cleric spell.
And then lots of this:

Woohoo! We finally beat those damn rats.

The key was to focus down FAT RATS at the start of the battle and get them out of the way because those bastards hit HARD - sometimes taking out one of the front row fighters before anyone in the party could get a single turn. Jeff's LUTE proved invaluable in keeping the KILLER RATS and RABID RATS off our back long enough to deal with the dangerous ones, too. It would have been nice to SLEEP or CHARM the fatties, but they're remarkably resistance to mental spells, though we did get this during one of the failed attempts:

You show that rat who's the boss.

All in all, a pretty exciting battle, and a nice reward - nearly 4000 EXP and some gold, though nobody leveled up (we had to get pretty strong to win the fight beforehand).

Alright, now that's out of the way, what kind of exciting treasure might be in store for us further down inside this corridor?

Deeper still...

What this? ... A chest!

A little bit of Peter's hard learned (see Part 1 and Part 2) SKULDUGGERY later, and the trap is disarmed.

We can claim our great reward for such a grueling fight:


Yup. That's what we got.

Thanks game.

(we also got about 80 gold each, plus a FEATHERED HAT, some RAZOR STONES, and a couple RESURRECT potions - which are damn useful)

Actually the STUFFED BEAGLE is a key item that we'll need for next time, the game will NOT let you leave it behind.

I think that about does it for this update, see you next time!


I'll add the back links down here later, it's late.