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Wizardry VI - Part 3

Last time, we got our asses kicked by a bunch of rats that "exploded" out of a wall. That's no good, we have to get ready before we go back and try that again.

Since we started off in the rat room, it's a good chance to show off some of the odd humor and little messages throughout the game:
Phone numbers were shorter back then.
I haven't even seen any orcs yet, I don't think.
These are all shown when you turn toward the walls in the small rat hole room. Interesting...

Anyway, I realized I missed something back up on Level 1 (the Entrance Hall) so I go back to get it, stopping on the way to show the good fountain, which is upstairs.
This looks identical to the two poison fountains in the basement, by the way, except this one restores Stamina (the yellow bar, just about everything you do uses this).

After that I'm off to get a key in small room I had forgotten I need to get into. Here's the gate:
I have no idea what time it is, or what the service hours are.

And here's the tiny button that opens it that I completely missed the first time around:

Easy enough, fortunately there aren't any bad dudes inside the room, so we can just go grab the key by searching a corner:

More grave-robbing. What a nice bunch of "heroes" we are. Anyway, Brother Jon takes the key as usual:
I've never gotten far enough before to actually use this.

And we're off to further prepare for the Ratpocalypse we know will be waiting for us. We ran into a few minor encounters along the way back down to the basement, but the early bats and stuff were easy since we've gained a few levels already.

Yup, BATs explode when you backstab them with your Bo staff.

First we're going to pay a visit to our old friend QUEEQUEG and buy some cheap area-of-effect items for the melee guys (Shugenja Brad, Brother Jon and Executioner Peter) so we can wipe out those huge packs of killer rats. Unfortunately QUEEQUEG doesn't always stock the things you need, so you have to exit and re-enter his room repeatedly to get him to change his stock. We end up getting one of the things we're looking for, a CHERRYBOMB (I think I hit the wrong button trying to screenshot that. Give me a break, I'm new to this :P)

After grabbing the bomb and trying our luck once more, we were ambushed by this lively group:
I didn't think they would be affected by Cantor Jeff's music, you know, not having any ears...
But hey, luckily I was wrong. That made this fight a lot easier, but we still used a lot of resources (magic, stamina, health, etc) to beat them.

Decent reward though:
Take note: every SURVIVOR. Death is a real pain in the ass.

We all survived, and it was enough to get Shugenja Brad and Brother Jon new levels, but unfortunately no new "Ranks" yet - so the titles stay the same. After that we needed to go use that fountain upstairs before resting. One odd thing about resting is that you just rest for ... I dunno, a while? Then you have to check if your MP and everything has fully recovered, and if not, rest again.

That means you have a much bigger chance of this happening:

We got jumped 5 or 6 times trying to get Vicar Dylan and Healer Beth all their magic back. Fortunately, they were easy encounters, which is why we went back up to the fountain to rest. Not particularly good rewards though, except Cantor Jeff managed to score some loot:
He already had two, now he has four. I don't know why, or what they're for.

Anyway, next time we'll be going back to those rats and dying repeatedly progressing through the castle.


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